Long Hill Company Has Steady Growth

Long Hill Company Has Steady Growth


The Long Hill Fire Company No. 1 of Long Hill, Conn., recently celebrated its eleventh year of existence as an organized and chartered body. The story of the Long Hill department’s activities is one of determination, perseverance and public spiritedness.

Back in 1919 Long Hill the town began to grow and as it became more and more settled, so did the need of adequate fire protection make itself more keenly felt. After it was found that a few hand extinguishers and buckets distributed round from house to house was not the sort of fire fighting equipment that a growing community like Long Hill deserved, steps were taken among a few public spirited citizens and the nucleus of the present Long Hill Fire Department was formed.

Officers of the Long Hill, Conn., Department Seated, left to right, Chief Charles Kellogg; A. J. Hull, first president of the company; Vice-President. W. S. Hawley. Standing, left to right. Secretary, David S. Leavitt; George A. Clark; President, Lawrence Sherman, and Captain, Armand Doyen.

Charles Kellogg, one of the town’s leading citizens, was named fire chief and the company was organized with seventy-five members. As the company grew in numbers plans were laid for the erection of a new fire station. By this time eighteen more hand chemicals had been added to the town’s equipment.

Today the Long Hill company is located in its new modern fire station which is just off the state highway leading from Bridgeport to Stepney. In it is located a new chemical truck and other equipment to handle fire fighting in the town. The new fire house is comfortable fitted up as a club room where dancing, athletics, games and other social activities find ample space.

Much of the social life of Long Hill centers round the fire company’s quarters which offers every facility for community organization. Under the spacious portico, which supports an attractive solarium, a light is kept burning day and night as a signal that the fire station is always open, and an alarm being turned in a siren is sounded which invariably brings a hearty and wholesome response from the active members.

The officers of the Long Hill Fire Company No. 1 are: President, Lawrence Sherman; Chief. Charles Kellogg; Secretary, David Leavitt; Treasurer, George Clark; Captain, Armand Doyen.


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