Looking Forward to the I. A. F. E. Convention

Looking Forward to the I. A. F. E. Convention

The chiefs’ convention is only two weeks off. There is still time for those who have not decided to attend to make reservations at the hotels in Buffalo. A list of these with the rates and locations was published in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, of July 16, on page 111.

No city should miss the opportunity of sending its fire chief to this gathering. Not only he, but his department and the city he serves, will be poorer for not having taken advantage of the educational privilege of contact with other chiefs that this convention offers. Various trips covering practically all locations of the country and giving those who take advantage of them reductions on the fare and one-half basis have been arranged and details have been published from time to time in these columns. These trips give the chiefs and others intending to go to the convention the advantages of a cheap rate of transportation which they can obtain in no other way.

In the meanwhile the time is getting very short and those finally deciding to attend should make application at once in order to receive accommodations.

Send the chief!

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