Looking toward Detroit

Looking toward Detroit

ARE you looking ahead Toward the Conventions? There’s work For all of us to do.

Detroit comes first—the big

American water works convention

In May. It’s time already

For you to be making your plans, and


(Especially if you are a manufacturer And that word to you means Advertising Reservations in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING).

Then later in the season

Comes the heap Big Chiefs’ pow-wow

At Richmond, the I. A. F. E.

It’s getting near time to plan ahead On that, too. (We hope you all Will be on hand at these conventions.) The ability to look-ahead and lay your Plans

Far enough in advance to get the Results you want

Is the thing that most often brings success. Perhaps that is one reason for the Success of this little paper.


Seeking to find ways in which we Can serve you, our readers, and Further the interests of the Fire Protection and the Water Supply Fields.

Can you suggest any way

For us to accomplish this ambition

To a still greater degree?

We are going to start in by making Our Detroit Convention number the finest A. W. W. A. issue ever published!

Watch for it.

What have you to offer?

Let’s hear from you!

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