Los Alamos F. D. Trains Baby Sitters in Fire Defense

Los Alamos F. D. Trains Baby Sitters in Fire Defense

The Los Alamos (N.M.) Fire Department under the direction of J. R. Maddy, Chief, Health & Safety Branch; A. C. Abbott, Chief of Fire Department, and Albro Rile, Asst. Fire Marshal, has embarked on a special promotion to “save children from fire” as a part of the department’s year-round fire prevention activities and to tie in with the drive of the fire service to save the lives of 4,000 children annually lost through fire.

This effort is to educate and train baby sitters on what to do if, and when, fire strikes. Over 600 copies of a printed sheet entitled “First Things First” have been distributed throughout Los Alamos Boy and Girl Scout Troops and School Classes having students of baby-sitter age.

In these instructions, the baby sitters are enjoined to:

  1. Get the baby or children out of the house. Know the safest and most direct route to the outside. Know where all the doors lead to.
  2. Call the fire department. Know how to turn in a fire alarm from a fire alarm box. If it is nearby, use it in preference to the telephone and take the baby out of the house when going to the fire alarm.
  3. Know where the telephone is and the phone number of the fire department. Be sure to give number of the house, name of street, name of the resident you are baby sitting for, and your name.

The fire department further suggests that if smoke is detected, place the baby near the door to the outside and then in the event that fire docs break out, you and the baby can leave the house. Don’t leave the baby alone for any reason once you detect smoke, fire or escaping gas—and never stop to fight the fire, sitters are told.

Finally, sitters are urged to visit their nearest fire station for demonstrations and details on turning in fire alarms, and for help in fire prevention and protection if they need it.

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