Los Angeles Correspondence.

Los Angeles Correspondence.

A correspondent at Los Angeles, Cal., sends the following items:

The new East Fifth street engine house, to cost $50,000, will be completed in about six weeks more. The handsome reinforced concrete structure of three stories has a frontage of 20 feet. This house furnishes the sleeping headquarters for the chief of the fire department. The attractive front has brick and terra cotta trimmings and the roof is of tile. The first floor is entirely given up to a large apparatus room, the second story is taken up by the rooms for the men. and the top floor is occupied by the chief’s living and sleeping rooms, extra rooms for visiting chiefs, a hay barn, etc.

Plans are being prepared for a new fire station which the city will rear on the north side of Seventh street, facing Beacon street. The structure will he one of the handsomest and most modern department houses in the West. The approximate outlay will be $40,000. Construction will be begun early in the year. The building will be of reinforced concrete, two stories and basement. An alleyway closed with an ornamental wrought-iron gate will lead back to a building in the rear, used for the storage of hay and fuel. The facade of the station is in Italian Renaissance, and will be executed in terra cotta of matt glazed finish. The hose tower rising io the height of 60 feet, will be finished with a mission red tile roof. The apparatus room and stable will have pressed metal ceilings and he wainscoted from floor to ceiling with glazed tile. The floor of the first story will be of vitrified brick. The story will accommodate three pieces of apparatus and the battalion chief’s buggy, giving a floor area of 46×60 feet, with stalls in the rear having accommodations for nine horses. The second story will contain the dormitory, recreation room and private rooms for the battalion chief and the house captain, with a private hath, general toilet room fitted with lavatories, shower and tub baths and a large locked room. The interior finish will be white oak.

The fire commission has authorized the payment of a demand for $2,850 for the purchase, which it approves, of a fire engine house site at hirst and Reno streets. The money is to be taken from the fire department fund.

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