Los Angeles Issues Pocket Guide for Officers

Los Angeles Issues Pocket Guide for Officers

The Los Angeles Fire Department recently issued a pocket-size “Fire Officer’s Guide,” which is subtitled “A Pocket Memo of Emergency Procedures and Useful Data for Fire Department Officers and Acting Officers.”

In the foreword, Chief William L. Miller indicates the purpose of the book when he states that “The present-day fire officer is required to respond to a great many different kinds of emergencies upon a moment’s notice. Even with many years of experience and study, it may be a little difficult to instantly recall the great many details and procedures found in the numerous training manuals, together with other pertinent data for his own particular area and command. Even if we assume that the old experienced officer has all this data ‘in his head’ it would still be helpful to the new and inexperienced officer to have such information ‘in his pocket’ until such time as he no longer needs a guide of this kind.”

The guide, which covers more than 100 subjects, runs the gamut from “Jato Units” to “Snake in House.” It was compiled by Deputy Chief Charles W. Bahme, and is copyrighted by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

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