Los Angeles to Motorize

Los Angeles to Motorize

The Los Angeles, Cal., city council, on December 7, awarded contracts for motor apparatus which will cost about $79,300. The contracts were as follows;

Four Christie tractors from the Front Drive Motor Company, Hoboken, $4,500 each, or a total of $18,000; delivery to be made in 60 days.

Five Moreland chasses from Moreland Motor Truck Company, at $3,950 each, or total of $19,750; delivery in 30 days.

One Moreland chassis from Moreland Motor Truck Company, for $4,825; delivery in 30 days.

mne Seagrave water-cooled, six-wheeler aerial truck, drawn by four-wheel tractor motor propelled hook and ladder truck, to extend 75 feet from the ground, for $11,265; from Seagrave Company of Columbus, O., on bid of the Gorham Fire Apparatus Company; delivery in 120 days.

Two Seagrave water-cooled, motor-propelled city service trucks for $7,500 each, or total or $15,000; delivery in 100 days.

Two Seagrave water-cooled, four-cylinder 53horse-power, motor-propelled combination hose wagons and chemical engines for $5,750 each, or total of $11,500; delivery in 90 days. A discount of 3 per cent, on the Seagrave apparatus is allowed, bringing the net expenditure down to $78,207.05.

The front-drive Christie tractors will be used with four fire engines, the present engines being transferred to the new motor tractors. The six Moreland chasses will be used to place the bodies and equipment of six horse-drawn hose and chemical wagons.

This will add 15 pieces of motor apparatus to the department, which already has considerable of it.

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