Loud Speaker for Fire Apparatus

Loud Speaker for Fire Apparatus

A loud speaker system and a floodlighting unit have been installed on a rebuilt truck for use of the volunteers of Spencerport, N. Y. The loud speaker is particularly useful, for in rural fire fighting it is not uncommon to have the fire apparatus stationed at a source of water supply 1,500 feet from the fire.

The amplifying system consists of a RCA Victor auto radio with a switch arrangement, which allows the use of standard broadcasts or a microphone. In conjunction with the microphone is a two-tube pre-amplifier, which boosts the power output of the radio to about ten watts. On the truck is a bracket for holding the ten-inch speaker. The speaker can be rotated to point in a particular direction. The microphone has 150 feet of cord making it possible for an officer to move close to the fire and to use the amplifier. Additional storage batteries are carried.

The floodlight system consists of two 150-watt lamps, with two hundred feet of heavy insulated cord. The lamps are fed by a Westinghouse generator, which runs by a V-belt off the motor fan pulley. The floodlights may be removed from the truck.

The truck has compartments in which are carried gas masks, asbestos fire blankets, spray nozzles, first aid kit, stretcher, etc.

Floodlights and Loud Speaker Mounted on Special Apparatus of Spencerport, N. Y.

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