Loud Speakers Help Protect Department Store

Loud Speakers Help Protect Department Store

An interior broadcasting system is in operation throughout the Emporium Department Store in San Francisco, with microphone outlets on all selling floors, in executive offices, in important departments, and in the auditorium. Sixty-six loud speakers are installed.

This broadcasting system has two principal functions. For thirty minutes every morning, before the store is open to the public, the 1,700 employes are entertained, instructed and inspired while they go about their stock-keeping duties. At noonday and at mid-afternoon, musical programs are broadcast throughout the entire store, and are enjoyed by customers and employees. Programs are broadcast in the store-opening exercises in the morning and in the store closing ceremony at night.

Five minutes before closing time the announcer greets customers, thanks them for visting the store and invites shoppers to continue unhurriedly until all of their purchases have been completed. Musical chimes sound at 6 o’clock, followed by a bugle call, and recordings.

Particularly impressive is the fanfare broadcast as the doors are open to the public in the morning. Lights come up, employees takes their stations, and a bugle sounds.

In addition to those regularly scheduled programs, the broadcasting system is useful in a number of interesting ways, and offers possibilities for special occasions and emergencies. This system is believed of incalculable value in case of a fire or other major catastrophe. It is used to train employees to meet possible emergencies. After a recent fire drill, Chief Brennan, of the San Francisco Fire Department, talked to the 1,700 employees about fire protection, stressing the value of the store broadcasting system.

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The broadcasting system was specially built by the Remler Company, Ltd., San Francisco, the equipment being of professional broadcast standard. The system can also be tuned in to outside stations, as it may be connected to the National Broadcasting studios.

News events of great importance, national or international events may be broadcast immediately throughtout the store. Entertainment of night workers during the Christmas rush and of Holiday shoppers contribute to a festive atmosphere and increase the popularity of the store, which is the largest departstore store in Northern California.

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