Loudspeaker Directs Firemen

Loudspeaker Directs Firemen

At a recent fire. Chicago tried something new in fighting fires. Fire Marshal Michael J. Corrigan and Deputy Chief Anthony Mullaney, standing on a floodlighting truck, and with a microphone before them, directed the activities of the firemen. It was asserted that orders could be distinctly heard both inside and outside of the burning building.

Chief Corrigan Demonstrating the System

The equipment is the RCA public address system and is installed on the lighting apparatus which consists of a 10 kw. Kohler unit, 110 d.c., connected to a 30 h.p. gasoline engine. A Continental rotary converter supplies the power for a triple amplifying system arranged through a double throw switch which provides a secondary source of amplification in the event that one unit becomes disabled.

The limited use of this equipment thus far has proven that there is a need for it and that it indicates a central position for the direction of command by the officer in charge at the fire.

The speaker is mounted on a swivel on top of the cab of the floodlighting truck. The speaker may be moved in any direction, so that the sound may be directed like a searchlight beam. The power amplifying equipment is within the truck, and is independent of the other power supply.

Originally this type of sound projector system was used by the beach patrol service of Atlantic City, N. J.

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