Photos: Fire Crews Battle Lower Windsor Township (PA) House Fire

Firefighters operate a hoseline at a house fire


Report from South County Fire Photos

Firefighters were dispatched at 1112 hours on May 6, 2017, for a dryer fire that was upgraded to working fire en route, with a smoke column visible. E44 (Craley, Pennsylvania) arrived, and the crew split up to make an aggressive interior attack.

One crew stretched a line to side Charlie, where the fire had burned through the exterior door and was extending up side Charlie to the roofline. Crews knocked the exterior fire on Charlie, and made a push in the rear door.

The remaining crew from E44 pulled a line and made entry in the front door, and up the stairs to Division 2, where the fire had already self-ventilated though the roof. Crews were knocking fire as additional crews arrived and began to open up the ceilings on the second floor to expose the fire.

The fire was contained in approximately 20 minutes after crews arrived. Extensive overhaul was done, and crews determined the origin of the fire was from the dryer.

Oddly enough, this very house caught fire roughly two years ago, in the laundry room as well.

Just shy of five hours later, units were dispatched to the same location for a rekindle which consumed the home.



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