Lumber Fire Prevented from Spreading to Adjoining Tanks

Lumber Fire Prevented from Spreading to Adjoining Tanks

Sydney, Ohio, Fire Department Confines Threatening Fire to Yard— Los Angeles Has Large Business Fire—Record of Week’s Burnings

Oil Tanks Saved in Lumber Yard Fire

A fire started among the lumber in the Klepstein Lumber Company’s yard in Sydney, Ohio, near Piqua, and had gained great headway when the fire department arrived, but in spite of this fact several tanks containing oil in an oil refining plant in close proximity to the lumber yard were saved by the fire department of Sydney, as will be seen by the illustration. The lumber yard was practically destroyed, with a loss of $300,000. The fire crossed the street and destroyed a block of residences, the fire in these structures being so far advanced when the department arrived that it was impossible to save them. It is thought that a pyromaniac or other firebug was responsible as the town has suffered before from fires that were apparently of incendiary origin, including the destruction of two large garages within two days of each other last Autumn.

Tanks of Oil Plant Saved in Lumber Yard Fire in Sydney, Ohio.

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