Lumberyard Fire Contained

Lumberyard Fire Contained

Deluge set and hand line attack fire destroying lumber shed in Antioch, III.

Fire that destroyed a 50 X 80-foot lumber shed, about 25 feet high, was kept from sweeping through the remainder of an extensive lumberyard by the Antioch, Ill., Volunteer Fire Department with the aid of a 1000gpm pumper from Lake Villa.

The alarm was at 1:57 a.m. last June 20, and an Antioch 750-gpm pumper was hooking up to a hydrant opposite the blazing shed on Corona Avenue 3 minutes later. One 2½ and two IV2inch lines were stretched to the shed, which contained paneling, oak flooring, pine construction lumber, plywood sheets and one truck. The building was heavily involved, with flames going through the roof. The 1 1/2-inch lines protected men on the 2V£-inch line as well as exposures.

Antioch’s 1000-gpm pumper, backed into the area, dropped a deluge set with a 500-gpm tip and laid two 2 1/2-inch lines to a hydrant on Depot Street, west of Corona Avenue. While this was being done, Antioch’s 1000gallon tanker took a position on Corona Avenue, opposite the west end of the blazing lumber shed, and placed a 1 1/2-inch line in service to protect a 24 X 60-foot plywood storage shed until the deluge pump was put in operation.

Two lines stretched

The Antioch 500-gpm pumper stretched two 2 1/2-inch lines and took a hydrant on Depot Street, east of Corona Avenue. One line went to the west end of the burning storage shed and the other was used alternately on the fire and the exposed plywood storage shed, about 30 feet away. The deluge set protected both the men on this line and the exposed shed.

At 2:09 a.m., aid was requested from the Lake Villa Fire Department, which sent a 1000-gpm pumper. This piece was on the scene in 10 minutes and hooked up to a hydrant on Depot Street, east of the lumberyard, to operate a 2 1/2-inch line at the eastern end of the fire. Flames spread to a 20 X 20-foot building containing silica sand and calcium chloride near this end of the blazing lumber shed. This smaller building also was lost.

The fire was brought under control in an hour. The plywood storage shed was damaged by fire, but there was no loss of contents. A shed at the eastern end of this structure received minor damage, but there was no damage to any of the buildings in the south yard of the lumber firm.

Heavy equipment used

The Lake Villa engine was released at 4 a.m., and the last Antioch apparatus left the fireground at 7:30 a.m. Heavy equipment was borrowed from the Village of Antioch to help lumberyard employees move piles of building materials in the fire area so that extinguishment could be completed.

Weather conditions were in our favor both during and before the fire. There was only a light wind during the fire and a 2.6-inch rain the night before left the area fairly wet at the time of the fire. The village system had no difficulty in supplying the estimated 250,000 gallons of water applied to the fire.

The fire loss was estimated at $150,000—$25,000 damage to buildings and $125,000 damage to contents. The fire was fought by 36 Antioch and 10 Lake Villa firemen.

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