Lux Apparatus Tested at Nyack, N. Y.

Lux Apparatus Tested at Nyack, N. Y.

Before many prominent fire officials, tests were conducted on May 11 byWalter Kidde & Co., at Nyack, N. Y., with specially designed apparatus equipped with Lux cylinders. The test was in charge of A. C. Dehnel of the company.

The truck is equipped with four 75pound capacity Lux cylinders, manifolded into two hundred feet of 3/4-inch flexible metallic hose to which is attached a Lux horn and shut-off valve. Only the amount of hose actually needed may be taken off, without hampering the discharge.

In addition, the apparatus will carrytwo Model 20 hand Lux extinguishers and a 2 1/2-gallon Kidde water type extinguisher. The body has a capacity for 1,000 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose. At first the designers believed that fewer cylinders were necessary, but the official test showed the wisdom of greater gas capacity.

Using one hand model Lux extinguisher, a fire involving four galvanized iron wash tubs containing lacquer, varnish, gasoline, and fuel oil was attacked after it has been burning for fifty seconds. The fire was extinguished in twenty-one seconds.

For the second test, there were two pans side byside, each measuring 2.5 by 7 feet. They w-ere filled to a depth of two inches with materials from the tubs and additional gasoline and fuel oil. The fire burned for three minutes and then was extinguished in one minute and forty seconds.

For the third test, a small frame house was constructed of light cases and 2 x 4-inch supports. It contained five gallons of gasoline and five pounds of excelsior. The house w-as 8.5 feet high and six feet square. The fire was permitted to burn for 2.5 minutes, and the flames were extinguished in 1.5 minutes. As this fire was outside the approved scope for carbon dioxide gas, some glowing embers remained. These were completely extinguished by additional gas.

An automobile engine, doused with a gallon of gasoline, was used for the fourth test. Fire burned for one minute, and was put out in twenty seconds.

For the fifth test, the double pan fire was repeated, and after the fire had burned for 1.5 minutes, was extinguished in twenty-nine seconds. A number of other tests were conducted by the Jackson Hose Company of Nyack.

After the cylinders were recharged, the apparatus was officially placed in service the next day. It is the first Lux truck built and delivered as a separate unit to a city hire Department. Nyack feels rather proud regarding other firsts. It was the first volunteer Fire Department to have a separate salvage unit in its department, the first to have a separate first aid unit, and more recently a separate floodlighting truck.

Views of Test of Carbon Dioxide Truck Recently Delivered to Nyack, N. Y. New Lux-equipped truck delivered to Jackson Hose Company, Nyack, N. Y.Extinguishing fire in parallel trays of oil.Close-up of carbon dioxide manifold connections on truck. Four 75-pound tanks employed.Extinguishing file in automobile.

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