Luxfer Introduces ECLIPSE™–Lightest-Weight SCBA Cylinder

RIVERSIDE, CA—Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a business unit of Luxfer Holdings PLC (NYSE:LXFR) and the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminum cylinders, has launched Luxfer ECLIPSE™, its new carboncomposite cylinders for firefighter self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The launch coincides with FDIC International 2018. ECLIPSE is an acronym for Extra-lightweight Cylinders by Luxfer for Industry Professionals in SCBA Environments™.

The lightest-weight SCBA cylinder now on the market, Luxfer ECLIPSE is up to 20 percent lighter than comparable aluminum-lined (Type 3) composite cylinders and up to three percent lighter than plastic-lined (Type 4) cylinders used primarily in Europe. The weight savings does not sacrifice strength, durability or safety while remaining compliant with all industry standards.

Luxfer ECLIPSE is designed and manufactured using advanced engineering techniques. With a lightweight liner made of Luxfer’s proprietary L6X® aluminum alloy and an exclusive 100 percent high-strength, aerospace-grade carbon fiber overwrap, a significant weight reduction is achieved. Using Luxfer ECLIPSE, firefighters, emergency-response personnel and SCBA industry professionals will see multiple benefits including enhanced performance, improved ergonomics and minimized weight-related health risks.

Luxfer ECLIPSE cylinders will come in a standard 4,500-psi (300 bar) version and a higher-pressure 5,500-psi (379 bar) option, each with a variety of air capacities and duration times. Luxfer ECLIPSE cylinders will be available from major safety equipment companies.

Professor Denise Smith, Director of the Skidmore College (U.S.) First Responder Health and Safety Laboratory and a global expert on firefighter health comments, “With cardiac events currently the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths, firefighters and SCBA manufacturers should embrace opportunities to decrease the cardiovascular strain associated with firefighting. Significantly decreasing the weight of the SCBA cylinder while retaining the same level of respiratory protection suggests that Luxfer ECLIPSE will become the new de facto standard in the SCBA industry.”

Luxfer Gas Cylinders President Andy Butcher adds, “By leveraging our decades of market and technology leadership, we are excited to provide this new, premium product that eclipses the performance of current products and represents the next evolution in weight reduction. Luxfer ECLIPSE has been made possible by Luxfer’s technology leadership in SCBA cylinder innovation as well as our market leadership as the most trusted SCBA cylinder manufacturer in the world.”

Mark Trudgeon, Luxfer vice president of technology and innovation says, “Luxfer has a long history of SCBA cylinder development over the past 30 years from our first LCX® carbon composite cylinders to our recently introduced LCX non-limited life (NLL) cylinders in Europe. Luxfer ECLIPSE expands our SCBA offering and represents the next generation of lighter-weight, high-performance SCBA composite cylinder designs for the SCBA industry today and for the years to come.”

Luxfer’s FDIC Inteternational booth is 2207.

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