Lymansville, R. I., Siren Control Locked

Lymansville, R. I., Siren Control Locked

When it was necessary to call out the volunteer firemen to extinguish a brush fire in Lymansville, R. I., it was discovered that the station in which the siren controls were located, was locked. The key to the station which was left at a neighboring store would not fit the lock. The firemen could not enter the building to sound the siren.

Later it was learned that the lock on the fire station had been changed.

New Chief for Tama, Ia.—At the annual election of the fire department at Tama, Ia., James H. McKinney was elected chief.

Hyattsville, Md., Re-Elects Chief—William Harrison was re-elected chief of the fire department at Hyattsville, Md.

Chariton, Ia., Firemen Have Banquet—The members of the fire department of Chariton, Ia., celebrated their fortyseventh annual banquet.

Lexington, Mass., Firemen to Have Ball—The Firemen’s Relief Association of Lexington, Mass., are making plans for their seventeenth annual ball which will be held on New Year’s eve.

Fall River and Brockton, Mass., Repair Toys—Firemen in Fall River and Brockton, Mass., have been very busy before the holidays repairing broken or worn out toys for distribution to the less fortunate children of the two cities.

Plans Made for Decatur, I11., Filter Plant—Plans are being made by G. W. Clark of Toledo, Ohio, for the filtration plant of Decatur, I11. Measurements are now being made to lay out the six new filter beds, settling basin and other improvements.

Offer Made to Purchase Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Plant—An offer was made by the Southern Cities Power Company to purchase the water plant at Lawrenceburg, Tenn. The purchase price is understood to be $450,000.

Portsmouth, Va., to Study Water Rates—Believing that the industrial water rates of Portsmouth, Va., was too high, the local chamber of commerce has recommended that a flat rate be charged.

Lancaster, Pa., May Change Water Rates—The city officials of Lancaster, Pa., is considering the advisability of readjusting the water rates of Lancaster, Pa. At present, about two-thirds of the services are metered.

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