MacMillan, New Chief of Jacksonville

MacMillan, New Chief of Jacksonville

The new chief of Jacksonville, Fla., is H. R. MacMillan, promoted from deputy chief on January 1, succeeding Chief T. W. Haney, retired. Chief MacMillan was born on February 22, 1871. at Charleston, S. C. He moved to Jacksonville. Fla., on July 20, 1893, and was with the Florida East Coast Railroad from July 26, 1893 to December 10, 1894. At the latter date he entered the service of the Jacksonville Fire Departpartment. He remained with the Jacksonville department as a private until April 29, 1895, when he resigned and returned to Charleston.

Chief H. R. MacMillan, Jacksonville, Fla.

On July 5, 1895, Chief MacMillan again went to Jacksonville and reentered the employ of the fire department on September 15 of the same year as a substitute. He was appointed a private of Hose Co. No. 2 on November 28, 1896 and served as driver of that company until October 15, 1899. He was promoted to foreman of Combination Co. No. 4 on November 10 of the same year, and was in command of that company at the time of the great conflagration of May 3, 1901.

On February 1, 1903, he was called to headquarters and appointed assistant chief. He was made deputy chief on January 1, 1920, and has remained in this position until his appointment as the head of the department, having served over thirty years through all grades.

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