Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department Missing Five Million in Funding

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The town of Carmel wants to slash its 2016 fire-protection contract with the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department by 32 percent as part of the fallout of a probe into up to $5 million of missing funds from the department, reports

In addition, a Journal News investigation has learned:

Several municipalities have severed ties with Buckshollow Emergency Equipment Corp., a fire and police equipment supplier headed by the Mahopac department’s former treasurer, Michael Klein.

Buckshollow has received close to $400,000 from eight municipalities and Westchester and Putnam counties since 2012 for uniforms, night scopes, ammunition, police-car equipment and other items.

Carmel is seeking to revise its oversight of the fire department, though details of the new financial relationship are still under negotiation

The revelation about the missing money last month drew stunned responses from residents and officials as the fire department had been revered as a town mainstay. Tax Watch revealed that officials feared that as much as $5 million was missing in an alleged scam that took place over many years. Officials have declined to disclose how the loss occurred.

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