Mail Didn’t Go Through

Mail Didn’t Go Through

A railway mail car filled with parcel post packages was swept by fire at the railway station in Bridgeport, Conn., on March 18. Postal authorities said damage was estimated at “thousands of dollars.”

Assistant Fire Chief Edward F. Bannon said the railway car was completely involved when firemen arrived at the scene. The chief said the car was loaded to the ceiling with canvas bags full of electric razors, gages, watches, shoes and other merchandise. Electrical power to 11,000-volt high-tension overhead wires in the railroad station was shut off while firemen battled the flames.

Mail foreman examines the remains of cargo of parcel post packages

According to Chief Bannon, a cigarette apparently was dropped in the car while it was being loaded at the New Haven terminal. Approximately half of the 700 sacks of parcel post mail packages stored in the mail car for delivery to Washington, D. C., and southern states were destroyed or extensively damaged.

Firemen from Engine 5 were sent to the railroad station at 2:59 a.m., and fire officials radioed for additional help minutes later. Engine 2, Squad 5 and Truck 5 were dispatched and remained at the location until 6:52 a.m., checking over smouldering postal sacks.

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