Maine Chiefs Meet

Maine Chiefs Meet

The quarterly meeting of the State Association of Fire Chiefs of Maine was held in Lewiston, Maine, on April 11.

The chiefs assembled at the Lewiston Central Fire Station at 10 a. m. and adjourned to Municipal Court Room in the hall where the meeting was held Mayor J. C. Boucher of Lewiston welcomed the chiefs in a brief address, which was responded to by Chief Curtis Allen of Sanford.

At the business session eight applications for membership were received and accepted, all of whom were elected to active membership.

Because of the illness of Chief S. A. Mercier of Rumford and his wife, and the news that his son is reported missing in action, the members voted to send a telegram of sympathy to him.

As the state organization, as set up under civilian defense, has become somewhat depleted by death and induction in the armed services. State Administrator Ollie Sanborn of Portland, asked that the vacancies be filled to make the organization complete. It was voted that Chief Sanborn fill the vacancies and he made the following appointments: Assistant Administrator. Chief Richard Frates of Bath: Administrator for Kennebec County, Chief Grover Lovejoy of Waterville; Administrator for Hancock County, Chief McKeen of Bar Harbor,

Mr. C. R. Lawton. Vice President of the Dugas Company presented a moving picture illustrating the operation of the company’s equipment. Mr. W. J. B. Kennedy gave a talk on two-way radio in the fire service.

The meeting adjourned at noon for dinner which was served at the DeWitt Hotel, with more than one hundred members and guests present.

Following the dinner remarks were made by Mayor Boucher of Lewiston, Mayor Levi T. Williams of Augusta, the Chief of Police of Lewiston, and Mr. Ralph Webber, State Supervisor of Firemen’s Training under the OCD.

Inspection trips were made in the afternoon to industrial plants and the municipal pumping station.

Maine Chiefs Meet


Maine Chiefs Meet

The quarterly meeting of the State Association of Fire Chiefs of Maine was held at Camden, Tuesday, July 9. with the Camden Fire Department as hosts. At the opening of the morning session, seventy-five members and guests were present, with the President, William H. Clifford, 3rd, Cape Elizabeth, presiding.

The address of welcome to the association was made by Town Manager Percy R. Keller, Camden, and the response by Chief Solomon Herman, S. D. Warren Company, Westbrook.

Chief Allen F. Payson of the Camden department gave a very interesting history of the Camden department, from the time of the hand tubs to the present modern equipment.

Chief George R. McCurdy of Augusta presented a brief report on the Fire School held in Augusta June 21 and 22.

Chief Allen Payson gave a further report on the Fire School and gave an outline of the courses given at the preliminary school. Sixty firemen from various parts of the State enrolled for this first school, and were so enthusiastic over the instruction given that a second and third school were asked for. This school, which is sponsored by the Maine Chiefs Association in conjunction with Department of Education and the State Insurance Commissioner, is the first step in the training of the Maine firemen.

State Insurance Commissioner C. Waldo Lovejoy, who is a member of the State Defense Committee appointed by Gov. Lewis O. Barrows, gave the members a very concise outline of the work of this committee, together with a picture of what part the fire departments might be called upon to take in the program. Edmund Devlin, who is associated with insurance interests, gave a talk on the importance of the cooperation of the fire departments in casualty insurance, and also spoke briefly on liability insurance for firemen in their work of fire fighting.

During the business session of the association, following the papers presented, the association voted for the appointment of a committee to cooperate with the State Defense Committee. The president appointed Chiefs Charles O. Spear, Jr., South Portland: Irving Doyle, Brewer, and George McCurdy, Augusta.

During the morning session of the association the ladies were entertained at the Camden Snow Bowl by Mrs. Allen F. Payson. At the close of the session the party went to Shermans Point, where a regular New England Clam Bake and lobster dinner was served in the open to the 123 present. Following the dinner, those who wished were taken on a sail in beautiful Camden harbor. The next quarterly meeting of the association and annual meeting will be held at York Harbor, October 8.