Maine Fire Chiefs Meet

Maine Fire Chiefs Meet

The Quarterly Meeting of the Maine Fire Chiefs Association was held at Brunswick with the Brunswick Fire Department as hosts on July 13th. Approximately seventy-five members and associate members gathered for the meeting at the Central Fire Station. President Eugene Ricker of the Portsmouth Navy Yard was unable to be present and the meeting was presided over by Vice President Chief Herbert Constantine of Bangor. Because of the extreme heat the members adjourned to the Knights of Pythias Hall on Pleasant street. Following a short business session, Mr. Harold Treworgy, a member of the Brunswick Committee of Twelve, gave the address of welcome, which was responded to by Chief Joseph W. Randlette of Richmond.

Mr. Ralph Webber of the Maine Civilian Defense Office made a report of the progress of Firemen’s Training Schools under the direction of the OCD office. Stating that the five original instructors have trained thirty-eight additional instructors who have devoted a great deal of their time and volunteering their services to operate training schools throughout the state, covering practically all sections with the exception of Aroostook County and plans have now been completed to take in Aroostook County and Washington County, where it is expected more than two hundred firemen will receive the training course. Mr. Webber said he could not speak too highly of the men who had devoted their time to this instruction work.

Chief Curtis Allen of Sanford made a report of the meeting of the Legislative Committee of the Association with the attorney of the Legislative Recess Committee in regard to the bill introduced at the last session of the Maine Legislature creating the office of a State Fire Marshal, which was referred by the Legislature to the Recess Committee to clarify the present laws. Chief Allen, while personally expressing his desire that a State Fire Marshal’s Bureau be formed, stated that as it seems impossible to establish such a bureau, it might be necessary to consolidate such an office with the head of another bureau, preferably the insurance department. There was considerable discussion following Chief Allen’s report and it was finally voted to empower the committee of the association to continue its work with the Recess Committee of the Legislature and draft a bill which in their opinion might be of the best interest

Snapped at the Maine Meeting Chief Harold E. Nickerson, Brunswick, Host to the Meeting; Ex-Chief Charles E. Fortin, Lewiston and Chief Giles F. Frost, Norway.Theodore W. Gunn, Engineer New Hampshire Board of Underwriters and Consulting Engineer, First Service Command. Concord, N. H.Chief Herbert Constantine, Bangor. First Vice President and R. C. Bicknell, Norway, Secretary of the Association.

of the Fire Departments and communities of the State.

Mr. Theodore W. Gunn ot Concord, N. H., engineer of the New Hampshire Board of Underwriters, gave one of his famous lectures and demonstrations covering gasoline, dust, electrical and other explosives as well as many combinations of spontaneous ignitions.

This is the first time that Mr. Gunn has given his demonstration before the Maine Chiefs Association and it was very much enjoyed by the members.

Following the morning session a Maine shore dinner was served in the dining hall and although the temperature was near one hundred every member seemed to enjoy a very delicious dinner which was served by local ladies.

The afternoon session opened with moving pictures of Bowdoin College football activities of the 1942 season alter which a tour was made of the Bowdoin College campus and the Naval Airport which is now being constructed in the town of Brunswick.

Chief Allen Pavson, of Camden, was introduced by the president as the newly elected Second Vice President of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs. He will be the third member of the Maine Association to become president of the New England Association. Resolutions of respect were drawn up for the late Chief George Densmore of Hallowed, whose death occurred since tiltlast meeting of the association.

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Maine Fire Chiefs Meet


Maine Fire Chiefs Meet

Ninety members and guests attended the quarterly meeting of the Maine State Association of Fire Chiefs, which was held in the Central Fire Station, Lewiston, on April 13, with luncheon, dinner, and round table discussion at the Hotel DeWitt. Chief Reuben E. Estes, of Lewiston, had charge of the arrangements.

At the morning session in the fire station the visitors were welcomed by Mayor Donat J. Levesque, Lewiston. The reply, in behalf of the association, was made by Assistant Chief A. G. Blacquiere, Norway.

Chief Allen F. Payson, Camden, presided at the meeting. He was assisted by Chief Joseph W. Randlette, Richmond, Vice-president, and Ex-Chief Charles w. Bowker, Norway, Secretary. The death was reported of Ex-Fire Commissioner Joseph W. Scannell, Lewiston.

The following visitors were introduced to the Maine Chiefs by the presiding officer: Chief Carl D. Stockwell, Burlington, Vt., President of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief John W. O’Hearn, Watertown, Mass., Secretary-Treasurer; Chief Alfred H. Koltonski, Rutland, Vt., State VicePresident and Director; Chief Michael W. Lawton, Middletown, Conn., State Vice-President and Director; Chief Thomas F. Burns, Bridgeport, Conn., Second Vice-President, and Chief Oliver T. Sanborn, Portland, Me., State VicePresident and Director, all of the New England Association; Chief George Ryder, Secretary, Maritime Association of Fire Chiefs of Canada; Chief William T. Happny, Concord, N. H.; Chief Albert C. Melendy, Nashua, N. H., and Chief Charles H. French, Manchester, N. H., a Director of the New England Association.

Fire Commissioner Louis B. Caron, Lewiston, was introduced and spoke briefly. Edward E. Ramsdell, Reserve Deputy Chief, Lewiston, read a paper on “The History of the Lewiston Fire Department”; Roy H. Owsley, Hallowell, Executive Secretary, Maine Municipal Association, described the plan and scope of the organization, and Chief Oliver T. Sanborn, Portland, told of “Salvage Work” which he said should be a part of the duties of every city Fire Department. He demonstrated how a water chute could be made with ladders and salvage covers.

The speakers at the luncheon were Chief Joseph W. Randlette, Richmond; Chief John W. O’Hearn, Watertown, Mass., and Chief Albert C. Melendy. Nashua, N. H. The last two Chiefs told of plans for the New England Convention and extended a cordial invitation to the Maine Chiefs to attend.

At the morning session a suggestion made by Mr. Owsley, Maine Municipal Association, in regard to establishment of a central purchasing bureau through which supplies including fire hose could be bought at a discount, caused discussion and comment from several associate members, who pointed out that quality hose could not be bought in that manner.

Motion pictures were shown at the afternoon session, the films including fire prevention subjects, fire scenes, and a comedy.

The banquet at the DeWitt Hotel in the evening was followed by a round table discussion.

Meeting of State Association of Fire Chiefs of Maine at Lewiston, April 13