Maintenance of Toledo Departments

Maintenance of Toledo Departments

An ordinance passed on February 11 by the city council of Toledo, Ohio, makes appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures for the various departments of the city of Toledo during the fiscal year ending December 31, 1924. Of these appropriations there are $840,454 for the fire department and $38,302 for the fire alarm telegraph department. The largest item in the fire department appropriation is for the salaries, that of the chief being $3,500; for clerk hire $2,400; for regular firemen $774,000 and for other employees $13,904. The maintenance of motor vehicles and fire apparatus is estimated at $13,000 and the maintenance of other equipment

$6,000. Fuel is put down at $10,000. In the fire alarm telegraph appropriation $2,700 is for supervision; $27,552 for labor; $1,000 for mechanical and motor vehicle supplies, maintenance of conduits $1,500, maintenance of motor vehicles and of other equipment $2,000. The outlay for new equipment is estimated at $1,000.

The water appropriations are divided into filtration $175,010; low service pumping $90,350: high service pumping $133,725; services $75,750; meters $64,150; mains $323,300 and high pressure $27,800.

The three highest items in the filtration estimate are: labor $58,250; chemicals $52,400 and new buildings and improvements $50,000. Supervision is reckoned at $3,360. In low service pumping, light and power is estimated at $60,000, while in high service it is only $100. Labor in the low service pumping is $20,500 and in the high service $70,000. Fuel in low’ service pumping is $1,500 and in high service $40,000. Under services the largest item is labor $40,000, the next being new service connections $30,000, and maintenance cost $18,000. Under meters, new meters and setting are reckoned at $38,000, labor at $20,000 and maintenance at $5,000. Under mains $235,000 is set apart for new mains; $49,400 for labor and $15,000 each for maintenance, mains, hydrants and for new equipment. The high pressure system is to cost $16,400 for labor, $700 for fuel and $10,000 for light and power and outlay for new equipment $350.

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