Maker of Remington Engine Wanted

Maker of Remington Engine Wanted

R. S. Devereux, Castine, Me., would like to find the manufacturer of the Remington Rotary lure Engine.

The community purchased the engine in 1898, but he believes the apparatus was built about 1887. The name is misleading as the pump is not of the rotary type. It has three horizontal reciprocating pumps which connect to a vertical crank shaft, each with its own pinion that engages with a horizontal master wheel. This wheel has two jack knife poles and two lead poles to which are attached two or four horses or fifteen or thirty men. The master wheel is turned around by the horses or men with a sweep motion. Therefore the name, “rotary.”

The pump cylinders are about five or six inches in diameter with a nine-inch stroke. It will throw from 250 to five hundred gallons of water a minute.

Readers having the desired information are asked to get in touch with Mr. Devereux at the address given. He will greatly appreciate the courtesy.

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