Management Institutes

Management Institutes

The International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation and the National Civil Service League have joined forces to sponsor a series of National Institutes on Personnel Management for Fire Departments. Four skill-building institutes have been scheduled for this fall and winter-the first to be held in Washington on October 21-23; the second in Des Moines on November 15-17; the third in New Orleans on December 13-15, and the fourth in Atlanta on January 20-22,1977.

The institutes are designed to help fire departments improve their personnel management systems and, at the same time, comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other federal and state regulations and requirements.

Among the topics included are: “Written and Oral Testing for the Selection of Fire Fighters,” “Recruitment for Affirmative Action Goals in Fire Departments” and “Conducting Performance Evaluation and Improving Personnel Decisions.”

Detailed information concerning time, place, other subjects to be covered, instructional staff and cost may be obtained from the National Civil Service League, 917 – 15th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.

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