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Stephenson Res-Q-Pac

The Stephenson Corporation announces the “Res-Q-Pak,” a demand-type breathing unit which is worn suspended from the neck, and which protects firemen and rescue workers against smoke, fumes and toxic gases. Weighing less than 13 pounds, it can be put on or taken off in seconds and worn without interfering with normal arm or body movements.

The air or oxygen cylinder is carried in a sturdy canvas bag, supported by two strong aircraft-type web belts. The bag can be carried in the front or at the side of the wearer.

The Res-Q-Pak can be easily and quickly converted into a resuscitator by merely plugging in an accessory head to the outlet provided on the regulator.

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Fire-Phone Label

The Hines Company is now marketing a fire phone sticker in fluorescent fireorange color. The label is printed in black ink with copy supplied up to six lines. It is self-adhering with protective backing and is individually cut.

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Super Pumper Monitor

F. N. McIntire Brass Works, Inc., recently completed this 10,000-gpm monitor to be employed with New York’s Super Pumper now under construction by Mack Fire Apparatus. Believed to be the largest nozzle of its type ever built, it weighs close to 1 ton and each of the six full chrome tips provided weigh in excess of 80 pounds. Overall length of the playpipe is 46 inches.

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Communications Center Consoles

A new standard line of communications center consoles achieving fast, flexible control of two-way radio networks has been introduced by Motorola. Designed for use by municipalities, the new console facilities enable efficient centralized control of communications systems operated individually by fire, police, public works and other governmental departments.

Basic to the new line is a desk console equipped with a microphone and a single recessed control panel. Two additional panels can be added to achieve control of elaborate systems. Specially designed accessories include status control indicators, wall-mounted maps and tape recorders.

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PVC Firemen’s Bunker Pants

Jomac-North Inc. is introducing a new lightweight line of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) firemen’s bunker pants. Weighing less than 3 pounds in almost all sizes, the bunker pants have a unique quick hitch fly-in design which allows them to be put on fast and easy by means of a snap and D-ring. Three extra snaps are provided in the flap-fly front to prevent sagging or gapping and to insure waterproofing. Bottom of the fly is reinforced with nylon.

The pants were designed as a companion product to the company’s 4 1/2pound PVC coat introduced last year.

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Rotating Signal Lights

TAE Signals has developed 75,000candlepower, 360° rotating signal lights for emergency vehicles. These are said to have over twice the brilliance of existing lights.

These lights are available with 35,000candlepower beams as well, and with two, three or four lamps angled skyward in the familiar figure 8 pattern or rotating horizontally. They operate on 6, 12 or 24 volts.

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Edwards to Market Master Dispatch Systems

Central dispatching systems for the control of personnel and apparatus in emergencies will be marketed by the Edwards Company, an operating unit of General Signal Corporation.

These master systems will include central station fire alarm systems used by city and county governments. They were designed by the General Railway Signal Company, another General Signal unit. The new apparatus will be marketed in conjunction with the municipal fire alarm systems acquired recently when Edwards purchased the Fyr-Fyter Electronic and Alarm Corporation.

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Winco Power-Mite

Wincharger Corporation, subsidiary of Zenith Radio Corporation, has announced the Winco Power-Mite which features the Winco Electronic Conserv-er Idling Control with solid-state switching. The new unit is said to greatly increase operating reliability because there are no moving contacts—no sparking, no arcing. The Therma-trol Engine Warm-Up Control maintains full engine speed until engine temperature permits smooth idling.

The Power-Mite uses a 4-hp Briggs & Stratton engine with Pulsa-Jet carburetor. According to the manufacturer, it will safely carry a 1,600-watt load of light or will power motors up to 1/2 hp, or will start and operate a typical 1/4-hp motor in addition to a 1,000-watt resistive load. It is available with carrying handle, carrying cradle, two-wheel dolly or stationary base.

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Nylon-Hypalon Clothing

Globe Manufacturing announces a new option in its line of protective clothing for firemen—nylon-Hypalon. This new fabric (nylon coated with 100 percent Hypalon) is said to have the following characteristics that make it ideal for firemen’s coats and pants: Flame-resistance; abrasion-resistance with high tear and stress strength; pliability in temperature extremes; stain and mildew-resistance; can be laundered or dry cleaned easily.

The suits are available in white, black, or aluminum in the lightweight, regular, all-temp and special detachable coats; and in the regular, all-temp and special detachable pants.

Globe also announces a new quilted nylon lining which is optional in the regular and special detachable models of firemen’s suits. The lining, filled with Kodel polyester fiberfill, is lightweight yet warm.

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Portable Electric Alternators

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation announces a new line of direct-coupled, gasoline-engine-driven portable electric alternators. Available in five specific models of 1,250, 1,750, 2,500, 4,000 and 7,500-watt output ratings, these heavyduty manual-start units provide a dependable source of electric power for either continuous or standby service. All are 3,600-rpm, 60-cycle a.c.

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Rockwood Jet-X Foam Package

A new synthetic foaming agent fortified with protein for added heat and flashback resistance has been introduced by E. W. Bliss Company’s Rockwood Division. It can be used to extinguish Class A and Class B fires and with sea water as well as fresh.

The Jet-X high-expansion foam is sold with Rockwood’s new Jet-X nozzle and a Di-inch eductor. The nozzle, a bazookatype weighing 19 pounds, is water-jet powered, requiring no electricity, fan, blower or gasoline engine.

The Jet-X package will produce expansions in the 100 to 300 range with a flow rate of 60 gpm at 100 psi. The foam also can be used with Hydro-X units or any ultra-high expansion foam generator. With one of these units, high volumes of foam at expansions up to 1,000 to 1 can be produced.

When conventional foam nozzles and liquids are not available, Jet-X can be used to extinguish fires fed by gasoline or other flammable liquids. In structural fires, the Jet-X nozzle can be inserted into a basement window or carried up a ladder by one man to flood individual rooms with foam. After the fire is extinguished, the foam can be flushed away or allowed to dissipate.

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Transistorized Alerting Receiver

Electrosonics International, Incorporated, announces the availability of the new Instalert Model ST transistorized alerting receiver. The new unit can be used to alert volunteer firemen in their homes for emergency call. Once activated, the built-in alerting siren attracts attention and is followed by specific voice instructions related to action required.

The Model ST2 is dual-tone available in low-band (25-54 mc) or high-band (152-174 mc) frequencies, and may be operated from house current or by two battery packs.

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Porta-Mobil Two-Way Radio

The Porta-Mobil, a new concept in two-way radio, is now available from General Electric Communication Products Department. Multiversal in application, it triples as a plug-in mobile radio in a car, as an office base station and as an expanded-range portable.

It can talk portable to car, vehicle to man on foot, office to vehicle, car to office, car to car, or office to portable.

The new equipment has up to 18 watts of transmit power in low-band frequencies (25-50 mc.) and up to 10 watts in high-band (132-174 mc.). This output, achieved in a tubeless 13-pound unit, is said to be twice the power previously available in any hand-carried radio.

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Emergency Breathing Apparatus

Survivair, Division U. S. Divers Company, announces its new, low-cost emergency breathing apparatus. Especially designed for intermediate-duration breathing requirements the unit is suitable for use in fire departments. It gives complete respiratory protection with an 8 to 10minute air supply. Simplified design, low cost and light weight adapt it to applications where more expensive long-duration breathing apparatus is not required.

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Boardman Shiffs to Assembly-Line Production

The Boardman Co., a commercial-chassis fire apparatus manufacturer since 1933, has switched its production emphasis from specification trucks to a complete line of standard-type units. The change is due to a recent market study which indicated many fire departments preferred to have fire apparatus specifications offered to them rather than drawing their own.

Seven standard trucks will be offered for 1965 production in either conventional or tilt-cab. These include 500, 750 and 1,000-gpm pumpers; 500 and 750 frontmount pumpers; a 200-gpm tanker and a 1-ton grass truck. According to the company announcement, the intention is to provide deluxe quality at standard apparatus prices. At the same time Boardman will continue to fabricate apparatus to customer specifications for those desiring this method.

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New Reflective Clothing

Protection, Inc., has announced a new line of fire-protective proximity clothing, said to be designed for extended periods of time under extreme temperature conditions. Utilizing two-piece construction, it combines an outer garment shell of Mylar-coated aluminized rayon fabric plus an inner garment of nitrogen-blown, closed-cell foam with either rayon or cotton next to the body. The Mylar coating is claimed to prevent peeling and oxidation of the aluminized fabric thus extending the life of the suit.

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Mask Facepiece Cleaner

Face masks, eye shields and other personal plastic equipment can be cleaned and polished with a new antistatic and germicidal plastic cleaner developed by Scott Aviation Corporation. Called “loniclean,” it helps prevent crazing and restores original luster and optical clarity. According to the manufacturer, minor scratches can be polished out with the cleaner.

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Prosser Alternator

What is said to be the first alternator to deliver 2,500 watts of constant usable a.c. power regardless of engine rpm has been developed by Prosser Industries, Inc. The Model 2500 Series provides a source of readily available 115-volt, single-phase power in areas remote from power lines.

Designed to meet fire department specifications, this compact alternator operates portable submersible pumps, smoke ejectors, floodlights, saws, forcible entry tools and other power equipment. The power is available while the truck engine operates.

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Exide Ironclad Batteries

Exide Industrial Marketing Division, The Electric Storage Battery Company, is marketing a new tubular-plate-type battery. It is said to not only increase electrical power available for standby service but to be superior to conventional float-charged batteries in handling heavy overloads or failures of normal power supplies. With 8-hour discharge ratings up to 2,128 ampere-hours, the new FHGS Exide-Ironclad stationary batteries can be recharged quickly.

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Manufacturer’s Products


Manufacturer’s Products



Company News

Pumpak for Forest Fire Fighting

A portable fiber-glass water extinguisher suitable for forest fire fighting has been introduced by The Ansul Company. The Pumpak, with a capacity of over 5 gallons is corrosion-resistant and rustproof, can be used year around and is said to be up to 40 per cent lighter than comparable metal containers. Two types of pumps are available: the new pistol grip and the straight slide pump.

The unit will produce a 35-foot stream of water with a single stroke and a continuous stream with short one-third strokes. It is self-priming and can be converted from a straight water stream to a wide-angle spray with one-third turn of the nozzle head.

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Prime-of-Life Pump Package

A complete pump restoration package that can serve as a standby pump is being marketed by the Marlow Pumps Division of ITT Bell & Gossett Inc. The package has been termed the “Prime-of-Life” and contains every part necessary to restore any Marlow engine-driven self-priming centrifugal pump to full factory efficiency. With this piggy-back package at hand, pump users are assured of less downtime, fewer spare parts troubles and extra hours of pump service.

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New Fireboat Design

The Fireboat Division, Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding Co., has announced a new design and construction concept for fireboats. Said to be unusually compact, yet boasting high capacity and shallow draft, the new craft features welded steel hull and four 300-hp engines, two for propulsion and two for powering two Peerless pumps rated at 2,000 gpm each. Shown in the illustration is the boat recently delivered to Newark, N. J. It measures 46 feet 3 inches overall with a beam of 15 feet 3 inches and 3-foot draft.

The company offers naval architecture service, practical shipbuilding capability and experienced fire apparatus construction, all geared to provide a properly designed fireboat quickly and at moderate cost.

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New Mueller Fire Hydrant

A new fire hydrant has been introduced by Mueller Co. Called the Mueller/107 it includes such special features as: An easily removable compression-type main valve with an increased net valve opening; integral, automatic bronze drain valves that are said to provide positive drainage; safety flange and stem coupling design that prevents hydrant damage if hit by a vehicle; a onepiece, unitized bonnet with sealed-in lubrication which requires no adjustment and disassembly for field maintenance. The hydrant is available in 4, 5 and 6-inch sizes.

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Portable Resuscitator

Oxygen Equipment & Service Co. announces its new Model 192 resuscitator. The aluminum panel holding the assembly and cylinder slides easily out of its case and with the use of shoulder straps can be carried up ladders, into sewers and many more difficult-to-reach areas.

The unit is equipped with the patented Baer control valve which provides for automatic changeover from resuscitation to inhalation or vice versa. It comes with adult and infant masks, rubber airways and aspirator. Its case accommodates two standard 95-gallon tanks.

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New Exide Baffery Lines

Two new lines of plastic-jar stationary batteries with corrosion-resistant leadcalcium-afloy grids have been introduced by Exide Industrial Marketing Division, The Electric Storage Battery Company.

Said to have 37⅛ percent thicker positive plates and 18 percent thicker negative plates, the new ETC and FTC batteries are claimed to have longer service lives and, in some instances, more electrical capacity than predecessor models.

ETC batteries are available in a twocell, a three-cell, and five single-cell models. Type FTC comes in four singlecell sizes.

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Insurance for Volunteers

The Hartford Insurance Group has recently announced a new and broader benefit Volunteer Fire Company Accident Policy. Designed to protect volunteers against financial loss in the event of lineof-duty injury, it provides income protection; compensation for loss of life, limb or sight; and payment of medical expenses.

The policy covers all volunteers of a fire company, paid drivers or firemen employed full time and bystanders deputized by a fire official while fighting fires, participating in drills, parades or tests. Optional riders permit inclusion of ladies auxiliaries in certain areas, as well as special disease benefits.

The complete policy is available in most states with a discount for count)’ or association participation. Certain states are excepted.

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Amplifier Doubles as Siren

A 35-watt mobile transistorized public address amplifier, which can be used as an electronic siren, has been developed by Bogen Communications Division of Lear Siegler, Inc.

Model BT35, designed for fire, police, and civil defense applications, operates on 12-15 volts d.c. and can accommodate a low-impedance microphone, a highlevel tuner and another high-level input. Two-way radio may be amplified so it can be heard outside the vehicle. When used with Bogen’s SF-1 siren/fog horn generator, it can be used as a 55-watt electronic siren or fog horn.

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Float-Dock Strainer

Fol-Da-Tank Company announces that its Float-Dock Strainer is now available in coupling sizes of 2, 2⅝, 3, 3½, 4’A, 5 and 6 inches.

The Float-Dock Strainer is attached to a float tank which enables the strainer to draft from water just below the surface where the water is cleanest. It is fabricated of 16-gage welded steel and is cadmium plated.

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Overhead Fiberglass Doors For Fire Stations

Automatic overhead doors featuring lightweight translucent fiberglass-reinforced panels, manufactured by Filon Corporation, are Ireing specified in modern fire stations. These “Filuma” doors, manufactured by Frantz Manufacturing Company, are said to result in lowered maintenance costs, as well as to enhance the beauty of the station.

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Fire Alarm Box Flasher

A brilliant flashing light to identify fire alarm box has been announced by the Michael Research Company. Completely self-contained, it is simple to install on pole-mounted or pedestal boxes and is said to be economical to operate. It turns itself off during daylight hours. It will be supplied by the Gamewell Co.

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Skin Protection for Fire Fighters

A barrier cream which protects the skin against many irritants and which is used to prevent dermatitis and allergy in industry, is said to have application in skin protection for fire fighters. The cream, Kerodex No. 71, manufactured by Ayerst Laboratories, protects the skin against splashes of soda-acid extinguishing liquids, offers protection against water exposure and keeps grime, etc., from penetrating the pores.

The cream which is greaseless, stainless and will not affect the skin, is also waterproof, and cannot be washed off with soap and water or detergents. wears away in four to six hours through natural exfoliation of the skin.

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