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Personal Communications Kit

Firemen can work with both hands while using walkie-talkies with a microphone-speaker kit announced by Setcom Corporation.

The kit, which weighs 3 ½ ounces, slips into a helmet. The speaker is within ⅛ inch of the fireman’s ear and a bone conductance microphone rests on his head. According to the manufacturer, wearing a mask does not interfere with communications. A pushto-talk switch is on a cord that can be run down a sleeve and clipped to a cuff of a turnout coat.

The kit can be used with any portable radio that has a remote microphone connector. The walkie-talkie can be worn under a turnout coat or in a coat pocket.

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Ventilation Slides

A two-part color slide kit on ventilation has been produced by Film Communicators. Part I of the kit contains 33 slides with a 12-minute tape cassette explaining the reasons for ventilation. Part II has 48 slides with a 16-minute tape on performing ventilation on the fireground.

Each kit also includes a study manual with a numbered illustration keying the text to each slide and the text is the same as that used by the narrator on the tape. The tape, which can be played in any standard cassette recorder, has a tone to indicate a slide change so that the slide presentation can be made with either a manual or automatic slide changer. The box containing the kit is made to be used for holding round or rectangular trays if the instructor wishes to store the slides in trays.

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Panel Gage Heater

A panel gage heater that works automatically in freezing temperatures to prevent needle gage damage or sticking is available from MC Products Inc.

The unit can be installed on old or new apparatus with a one-wire hookup and may be purchased for one gage or many.

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A liquid-cooled engine-driven generator with a continuous rating of 100 kw and standby rating of 115 kw is available from Winpower Mfg. Company. The unit is powered by a Minneapolis-Moline LP or natural gas engine.

The Model GM100M4 has a Winpower brushless alternator with solid state voltage regulation. According to the manufacturer, it offers the user the advantages of reduced maintenance, since the rotor is the only moving part in the system; reduced radio interference; high instantaneous overload capabilities for motor starting; and modular control panels with optional instrumentation which may be factory or field-mounted. The unit is a 12-lead reconnectable type, which allows a wide choice of voltages.

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A lantern with an adjustable focus reflector has been announced by Nicholl Bros., Inc. Other features of the Dark Chaser brand include easy bulb removal, O-ring seals on a rotary switch and reflector, plus a bulb holder which also accepts screw-base bulbs, including flasher bulbs, as well as the standard prefocused large-base bulbs.

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Monitor Receiver and Pager

Motorola is offering a home alerting unit, the Firefighter, which operates on 110 volts or a battery pack and a paging unit, the Pageboy II. The home receiver is 3 ½ inches high, 11 ¾ inches wide and 7 ¼ inches deep, and has a blue power light. The pager weighs less than 4 ounces and can be carried in a shirt pocket.

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Communications System

Public Systems inc. has developed the Mobile Radio Extension system to provide fire personnel with total integrated communications as an aid to improving fire fighting command and control procedures.

Firemen and command personnel are equipped with small Safety-Comm personal portable units which allow them to communicate with each other in ranges up to a quarter mile. These same units can be used as remote controllers for the standard mobile radio in emergency vehicles. The fireman thus is able to carry on two-way communications with his dispatcher and other mobile units.

The PSi Mobile Radio Extension system (Model MRE-721) works in conjunction with fire department radios in the 30-50 MHz and 450-512 MHz bands. The remote control function is accomplished by the installation of a special PSi control unit adjacent to the radio.

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Speaker Base for Lights

VSP Manufacturing Corporation announces a combination speaker/riser base for revolving emergency lights. The base comes in two series: one specifically for the Dietz Model 211 revolving light and one available to fit all other emergency lights.

Some of the advantages claimed by the manufacturer are the quick addition of high-quality speaker/siren capability to any emergency light, the raising of a light to improve visibility and simple installation without alterations. The speaker is 75-watt, 12 volts, will not freeze up, and has more volume while requiring less than the usual amperage drain.

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