Manufacturers’ Products

Manufacturers’ Products


Cold Compress

Cryopac, an instant cold compress for traumatic injuries has been introduced by Cryomed Devices, Inc.

In kit form, Cryopac consists of six 15ounce cans of Cryogen refrigerant, a valve and hose assembly, and three nylon elements—a boot, glove and wrap—that individually envelop practically any part of the body.

It has been designed to help control internal bleeding by slowing the flow of blood and other body fluids to an injury. With the refrigerant injected into the Cryopac element, a controlled temperature of 36 degrees ±1 degree F is achieved within seconds, and consistently regulated with a pressure of 0.6 psi. Both cold and pressure are simultaneously induced to surround the injured area for any desired length of time.

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Closed-Circuit Telephone

A direct closed-circuit, two-way telephone system for use between fire fighters and the fire command center in high-rises and sprawling structures has been developed by the Autocall Division of Federal Sign & Signal Corporation.

Called CommFone, the personal telephone hookup provides communications from floor stations in corridors, elevator lobbies, elevator cabs, mechanical control centers, stairways or any predesignated location.

The basic system is a common-talk systern activated by removing the handset from the cradle, which automatically sounds an audible signal at fire command center. If additional CommFones are removed from their cradles, the users join the conversation by depressing the push-totalk button.

At least 100 floor stations can be included on any signal circuit, 20 percent of which can be active at one time. During standby (non-alarm) operation, the CommFone system is deactivated to prevent its misuse, but remains in an electrically supervised mode to guarantee the circuit.

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Line Thrower

A line-throwing gun for rescue situations, is available from Smith & Wesson.

The International line thrower comes in a compact carrying case and is easily handled by one person. Rocket-propelled, it contains a solid fuel—no black powder. Each line-throwing kit comes with a Smith & Wesson launching gun and cleaning kit, four line rockets with 400 yards of 1/4-inch polyolefin line attached to each, five ignition cartridges and two instruction cards. Range of the line thrower with 1/4-inch line is up to 1200 feet.

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Extinguisher Protector

A warning device which indicates audibly if a fire extinguisher is underweight or has been removed from place either for legitimate use or vandalism, is available from Pexon Mfg. Inc.

This unit, about the size of a small transitor radio, contains measured weight springs, two batteries and a horn. Called the XP, it is adaptable in design for industrial, commercial, institutional, marine and residential use.

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Rescue Slide Set

A set of slides demonstrating the BuildA-Board vehicle extrication procedure is being offered by Ferno-Washington distributors. The set includes 40 35mm, fullcolor slides, complete with a supporting script.

The actual photography was staged at a simulated auto crash scene on location at a fire training academy. The models used in the rescue sequence are emergency medical technicians.

The Build-A-Board is a combination spine board and scoop stretcher.

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Stretcher Storage Cover

Junkin Safety Appliance Company is now offering a vinyl storage cover for all Junkin splint stretchers.

The cover comes with an attached hanging bracket, enabling it to be stored in any convenient location. It is prominently identified in large letters reading “Keep clear—st retcher,” and a large green cross.

A splint stretcher kit is also announced, consist ing of any Junkin splint stretcher as specified, together with two safety blankets and a four-point stretcher bridle or sling for use in raising or lowering horizontally or vertically. This complete equipment is housed in the new hanging vinyl storage cover.

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Industrial Fog Nozzle

An industrial fog nozzle is available from CV Sales, Inc., in 1, 1 ½, and 2 1/2-inch sizes in brass or chrome finish. It is hydraulically balanced for easy operation. With a few turns of the wrist, the stream can he changed from shut to solid stream, to fog. It is Underwriters’ Laboratories and Factory Mutual approved.

Also available from the manufacturer is a 1 1/2-inch plastic adjustable fog nozzle. It is Factory Mutual approved.

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Valve Lubricants

Two lubricants that prevent corrosion on the nozzle cap and on the upper and lower rods that open and close fire hydrant valves are available from LPS Research Laboratories.

LPS No. 2 is used to treat the rods each time after the water has been turned on, also at least once a year. It is an oily coating that lubricates, penetrates and displaces water.

LPS No. 3 is used on nozzle caps to assure speedy removal. It is a heavy-duty lubricant that protects under severe outdoor moisture conditions.

To prevent unauthorized persons from turning on hydrants, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York and other cities have installed locking devices to which the company’s newest product, LPS ESA-100, is applied. It is a severe conditions lubricant rust inhibitor.

LPS Nos. 2 and 3 are available in 7 and 16-ounce aerosols, and in 1, 5 and 55-gallon drums. LPS ESA-100 is available in 4ounce and 1-quart sizes and in 5 and 55gallon drums.

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Western Fire Equipment Co. announces the Firecraft fire helmet, which has been designed to eliminate almost all flat surfaces so that the maximum deflection potential is obtained. The company reports that the helmet meets OSHA requirements.

Injuection-molded of Lexan, it has a plastic eyeshield and can be worn with any make of breathing apparatus. Options include various liners, ear and neck protection, and colors.

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Oxygen Resuscitator

Robertshaw Controls Company has developed an oxygen resuscitation valve designed for use on emergency carts, such as those manufactured by Waterloo Industries, Inc.

The Waterloo unit comes with cylinder brackets for D or E cylinders. The Robertshaw device is attached to one of the cylinders while the other is held in reserve. It consists of a manually triggered oxygen demand valve, a mask and a pressure reducer as referred to in the “Standards for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care.”

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Breathing Apparatus

Globe Safety Products, Inc., announces its lighter-weight Guardsman self-contained, 30-minute, demand air breathing apparatus.

Built to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health specifications, the Guardsman has a new frame design which shifts the weight load to the wearer’s hips for more comfort and better control under working conditions. An improved filter eliminates service problems that might be caused by small particle contaminants in the high-pressure system and a new air-nut allows easier changing of cylinders.

Whistle and bell alarms—both approved—are available. The unit can also be used with the Globe Resculator resuscitator for on-the-spot emergency rescue.

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Wrist Watch

Designs in Time, Inc., has developed a method of applying any type of photo, logo type or message directly to the face of a wrist watch in color. Such application may be used to identify volunteer fire fighters with their departments.

The one-jewel and the 17-jewel watches carry a one-year guarantee; the 25-jewel automatic is guaranteed for two years. All models are shock and water-resistant. A wide choice of bands is offered and both silver and gold tone cases are available.

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Pace Communications, Division of Pathcom, Inc., announces the Scanmate 150, a pocket-size scanning monitor.

The scanner is 1 inch thick, 6 inches high and 2½ inches wide and scans any four channels in a 10-MHz band spread on VHF/FM frequencies between 144 and 174 MHz. Scanning rate is 10 to 12 channels per second. Any individual channels or combinations can be locked out, providing flexibility on program selection for frequencies to be scanned.

Operating power supply can be either 110 VAC or completely portable 9VDC from internally stored batteries or battery pack. A mobile power source is available with an optional cigarette lighter adapter.

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Communications Organizer

A new concept for mounting vehicular communications equipment has been announced by Acme Specialty Mfg. Co.

Called the Acme Communications Organizer, it places all the required communications equipment at the fingertips of the operator. It mounts on the floor of the driver’s compartment. Equipment brackets may be added or taken away to accommodate one to four units: two-way radio receiver, radio speaker/amplifier, siren, and radar receiver. The brackets adjust in both length and width to receive most makes and models of equipment.

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Flame-Retardant Fabrics

Collins & Aikman has expanded its NoBurn product line to include nine styles of fabrics, ranging from a 40-ounce plain weave for light industrial shirts to a 12ounce waffle weave fabric for use as an insulating layer in firemen’s turnout coats.

These fabrics are manufactured from a blend of 50 percent Kynol and 50 percent Nomex flame-resistant fibers. When exposed to flame at 2000 degrees F, the fabrics become carbonized, releasing nontoxic, noncombustible gases while maintaining integrity of fabric construction. The fabrics are also resistant to abrasion and their flame-retardant characteristics will neither wash out nor deteriorate.

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Audio-Visual Program

An audio-visual program on recovery diving is available from Academic Films, Inc. The unit consists of 60 color slides and an instructional cassette that gives the new diver a vicarious experience of body recovery in water under adverse conditions.

The programmed instruction takes the diver through equipment, theory, proper use of equipment and techniques. He is introduced to four basic physics laws and drilled in two basic search patterns.

A strong feature is the necessary different concept of recovery diving, which includes working on the bottom in black water, as opposed to sport diving.

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Warning Lights

New warning lights from Unity Manufacturing Company feature a par-36, 5-inch Hi-dome lamp which provides a full 180degree viewing angle with increased brightness to provide greater safety and effectiveness on emergency vehicles. The total illuminated surface and the viewing angle of the new lights are said to be practically double those of standard warning lights.

The lights are available in all red, blue or amber, or with red, blue or amber sides and a clear face. The clear face units provide 43,000 candlepower of illumination.

Also in the Hi-dome line of lamps are driving and fog lights which are safety approved for use in all 50 states.

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Jaffrey to Distribute Task Force Tip Nozzles

Fire Task Force Innovations, Inc., announces the appointment of Jaffrey Fire Protection Company, Inc., Jaffrey, N.H., as master distributor for the New England states for all Task Force Tip hand line nozzles and distributors. Jaffrey dealers nationwide will also carry the TFT line.

Helmet Standards

As part of its program to promote the development of better protective equipment for fire fighters, the National Bureau of Standards will investigate the performance of fire fighter helmets and prepare a voluntary standard.

Bernard M. Levin, chief of the Fire Services Technology Program, has asked that anyone with experiences where helmets failed to give expected protection, or with suggestions, comments or complaints relating to firemen’s helmets, write to Nicholas Calvano, National Bureau of Standards, A255 Polymer Building, Washington, D.C. 20234,

Cutting Uniform Costs

In order to help users of uniforms keep their expenses down, the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers has issued the following tips on cost-saving techniques:

  1. Order in quantity for summer and winter uniforms. Quantity prices are lower and therefore there can be savings on the price per uniform.
  2. Make sure that the specifications that are set for the uniforms are very exact and that you are in control of what you are ordering.
  3. Discuss the price. Once your specifications are determined, then you are in a position to buy from the supplier who can provide you with the exact uniform you want at the best price.
  4. Know your supplier. Make sure that you do business with a firm that has the capability to meet your specifications.

The NAUM has established an information service to provide the answers to questions about the latest developments and sources of supply for all types of uniforms and accessories. Correspondence should be addressed to the association at 1156 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10036.

Manufacturers’ Products

Manufacturers’ Products


Electronic Siren

Trippe Manufacturing Co. announces a 25-watt siren to meet the needs of small fire departments and volunteers.

The solid-state siren has two sound outputs-it switches from a yelp to a wail at a touch of the control. The amplifier mounts under any vehicle dashboard and the speaker can be positioned under the hood.

The siren is compact and easy to install, has no mechanical parts to wear out and draws only 2.5 amps.

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The Guest Corporation announces a heavy-duty spotlight for fire fighters which operates off a vehicle’s electrical system.

It is molded in unbreakable neoprene with stainless steel trim and won’t corrode ot dent. It is shockproof and waterproof, with a sealed beam which provides up to 200,000 candlepower. The handle is designed to be held securely in active situations, and the neoprene surface permits a sure grip in any weather.

A 12-volt plug system allows the spotlight to be used in various locations on any vehicle. Outlets are rust-resistant with a waterproof cover. A coiled stretch cord extends 8 feet, and there is a choice of three wiring options.

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Fire Detector

BRK Electronics announces the SS729ACS early warning fire detector, an ionization-type detector capable of sensing products of combustion.

A feature of the BRK unit is its selfmonitoring capability, made possible by a special circuit connected to a solid-state indicator light in the detector housing. When this light is on, it not only indicates that the unit is receiving power, but that the circuits are functioning and the sensitivity adjustment is correct. Another feature is its distinctive, audible alarm horn.

The unit is designed for ceiling surface mounting or mounting to a 4-inch-square electrical box. It operates on 110 volts AC with its own transformer, or 12 volts AC from a remote transformer. UL listed, it meets the standards of FHA, HUD, ICBO and UBC.

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PA System

The Super Chief, a portable public address system designed for professional use, is now being marketed by the Audio Equipment Division of Walter Kidde & Company, Inc.

Rated at 125 db at 5 feet, the Super Chief gets its message through without cables even under high noise level interference, according to the manufacturer.

It has a 50-watt amplifier and operates off a 12-volt vehicle battery. It weighs 17 pounds. All circuitry is enclosed in a weatherproof case with a control panel featuring main power switch, post fuse, power-on light and reverse polarity indicator light. A model with rechargeable batteries and self -Contained battery charger is also available.

Special features include a square, swivel 860-degree rotating horn that may be directed up or down; a case designed for permanent watertight installation; solid-state amplifier and a detachable microphone that will allow operation up to 35 feet from the unit itself.

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Floor Coating

Ferrox, a nonskid safety floor coating for use in public and industrial facilities is available from Martex Safety Products. It is a tough, long-wearing compound that contains multithousands of tiny abrasive particles and is designed to make slippery floor areas safer. It can be rolled, troweled, sprayed or brushed on any dry surface and dries in six to eight hours.

The compound is fire-retardant in its cured state and resists gasoline, oil, acids, alkalis and aliphatic solvents. It also resists salt water and protects steel surfaces from corrosion.

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Wonder Corporation of America is introducing the Mity Beam, a professional-use flashlight, which is sold under a full twoyear guarantee on the 4.5-volt Wonder “power-pack” cell.

Features include a large 2½-inch diameter reflector lense surrounded by a knurled focusing ring that permits adjustment from spotlight to flood with a quarter-turn adjustment of the ring. The metal case comes with two separate brackets, permitting the light to be hung on clothing snap or button, belt loop or wall and a six-position hand-carry bracket. Overall dimensions are 4 % X 3 X 1 ¾ inches.

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EMT Training System

The Department of Transportation has reconfirmed its prior approval and recommendation of “Emergency Care,” a multimedia system for training emergency medical technicians published by Robert J. Brady Company. Courses using the 10unit system are thus still eligible for reimbursement with Section 402 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration funds.

The system consists of a text and the user’s choice of full-color overhead transparencies or 35mm slides. An instructor’s guide keys the program to the official DOT guidelines.

The system is correlated with the standard DOT 81-hour course and has also been used in programs incorporating regional modifications and in refresher courses.

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National Safety Supply, Inc., announces the Bradford Casualty Carrier, a multipurpose rescue and evacuation stretcher.

It can serve as a rigid ambulance stretcher with backrest, in place of a basket-type litter, or as an enveloping stretcher for difficult extrication problems. It can be lifted in a horizontal position to be hoisted by helicopter or crane. A patient lying on it can be carried through holes 25 inches wide.

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Plectron Corporation announces a crystal-controlled, eight channel, programmable scanner featuring priority channel selection. Regardless of which channel is in operation, the scanner automatically switches to the priority channel when that frequency becomes active.

A scan/manual switch and channel bypass switches are also standard. The unit is available in two or three-band models with any combination of UHF, high or low VHF bands. It is delivered with detachable VHF and UHF antennas, internal speaker, AC and DC power cord and mobile mounting bracket.

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Photo Data Retrieval

Honeywell Audio Visual has announced Photopatrol-1, an automatic photo data retrieval system designed specifically for use by fire and police departments. This kit enables professional-grade photographs to be taken under any lighting or weather conditions.

The kit features a Honeywell Pentax ES Data II camera, an Auto/Strobonar 770 electronic Hash and three lenses (105mm telephoto, 35mm wide angle and 50mm). A copypod and cable release are also furnished.

The camera automatically determines proper exposure and shutter speed and the electronic flash automatically adjusts light output. Positive-proof identification of data, photographer’s initials, case number or time can be recorded directly on the negative at the time of exposure.

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Manufacturers’ News

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The kit is contained in a rugged metal case with an external power plug and cord reel. The electronic flash can be charged by a car’s electrical system while it is in the case and inside the car trunk. The flash charger operates on either 12 volts DC or 120 volts AC.

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The Speedgun nozzle from Santa Rosa Manufacturing Company gives quick action with full pattern control from a straight stream to a 180-degree protective curtain.

It is designed for booster hose and can be used with pressures from 100 to 1000 psi. The trigger flow control provides instant, no-leak shutoff to conserve water and reduce water damage. Like all Santa Rosa nozzles, the Speedgun is made of highstrength, lightweight alloy for ease of operation.

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Home Fire Alarm

An ionization-type smoke detector,, the Pyro-Guardion, has been announced by Pyrotronics, a division of Baker Industries, Inc. The new model is intended for residential use.

The detector, which is UL listed, is 6 X 4 X 2 inches. Designed for surface mounting, the FRU-1 has one pair of leads for interconnecting up to six detectors for simultaneous alarms. A single operating version, the FRU-1L, has an 8-foot cord for 120-volt power.

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