Several Cities and Towns Are to Add to Their Fire Fighting and Water Supply Facilities—Other Fire and Water News

The last session of the Ohio Legislature appropriated $13,500 for a standpipe and connections at Kent Normal School, Kent, Ohio.

The State Fire Marshal’s office of Ohio, has arranged for inspections in the near future at Ashtabula, Warren, Bellefontaine and Kent.

Westerville, Ohio, has recently placed an order with a Columbus engineering firm for the designing of two new 125,000 gallon filters.

Worthington, Ohio, has recently drilled two 6-inch wells and planned to make small addition to their pumping station, increasing the present meagre water supply.

The town of Milford, Ohio, has recently installed a Brockway triple combination pumper carrying a 250-gallon per minute pump, a 40-gallon chemical tank and 1,000 feet of hose bed. The town is also making important alterations at its town hall which houses the fire apparatus.

The State Electrical Inspector of Ohio, T. E. Near, finds many evasions of the regulations providing for fuses on electrical equipment in theatres. In one Columbus moving picture theatre, Mr. Near found 14 pennies in place of fuses with only four genuine fuses working. In another locality, he recently found 44 pennies in one switchboard. An active campaign is being put on to educate the people concerning the dangers of such methods.

Defiance, Ohio, hurls its defy to the world as a town that can take over a water works system in war time, greatly increase it, and now make it start to pay out. This town of 9,000 population, acquiring the system from a private company in 1917, has installed two million gallon filters, doubled the high duty pumping capacity, installed standby power supply and many minor auxiliaries. The fire department has been motorized, now having three pieces of automobile equipment. A new fire alarm system is now in course of construction.

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