The announcement contained in the May issue of the Fire Engineer that the publishing force has been reorganized and that a new editor had been appointed brought forth numerous letters of congratulation and good wishes. The Fire Engineer in turn wishes to express its thanks to its many correspondents for their letters.

The Fire Engineer holds a unique position in the publishing world, for it has long been recognized as a strong educational journal which combines with this important feature an interesting review of the happenings of the world of the Fire Departments. It is the hope of the present editor that the high standard which has been set in the past can be maintained and all effort will be given to bring this about.

There is one way in which every man connected with this important profession of fire fighting can aid and that is by supporting the Fire Engineer in its efforts to serve. There are many events and developments taking place all over the world of great interest to the profession and by calling the attention of the Fire Engineer to them it will be possible to secure articles for publication that will serve a very definite purpose. The aid of every members of the fire fighting profession is requested to help bring this about.

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