In Case You Missed It: March 2019 Firefighting Articles

In case you missed it, check out some of the Web-only firefighter articles from Fire Engineering in March 2019.

First-Due Battalion Chief: The Importance of Locating the Fire First

Take a minute to do a proper size-up and don’t be too anxious to commit to an area if you don’t know the exact location of the fire, says Danny Sheridan.


Coffee Stains: Marks of Leadership Lessons Learned

Matt Love concludes his extended meditation on the nature of coffee and leadership in the fire service.


PTSD 360: Size-up and Tactical Considerations

The fire service is getting better at intervention when it comes to firefighters and post-traumatic stress, but are we doing enough preplanning for members who may be struggling? Jeanna Setera Hopkins employs the language of the fireground to address issues related to firefighters and trauma.


Behind You All the Way: The Work of a Fire Chaplain

Chaplaincy isn’t just about the spiritual care of an individual, rather it’s a holistic, all-encompassing support service that a person provides to another. Read more from Wendy Norris.


Fire Commentary Roundup: Bullies, Egos, and High-Rise Fires

In case you missed it, check out a recent roundup of some posts from our contributors in March 2019.


Spain’s Most Complex Confined Space Rescue Operation

George H. Potter returns with this account of the January 2019 incident that, despite being fatal, resulted in a positive emergency services response from around Spain.   


Training Minutes: Protected Corridors

In this new Training Minutes video, Steve Hamilton and company discuss interagency operations for fire, EMS, and police when it comes to protecting corridors so that rescuers can access and remove victims from the warm zone.


On the Line: Fast and Effective Water

To achieve the best possible outcome at a fire, firefighters must have fast and effective water, writes David DeStefano.


A Family Reunion

Jim Swarthout looks forward to the upcoming FDIC International and describes what makes the conference so unique.


How to Plan and Execute a Large-Scale Training Drill

Jerry Knapp looks at a proven method for designing large-scale fire department training drills and outlines the steps to create one based on water flow testing.


Crisis and Leading When It Counts

Leaders must understand the importance of both themselves and the men and women they lead being mentally, morally, and physically prepared for the challenges of high-risk incidents and crises. Check out a preview of Colonel R. P. Mortenson’s FDIC classroom.


Humpday Hangout: Engines, Trucks, and All Things Fire Apparatus

In this Humpday Hangout, host Rick Lasky talks fire trucks with guests Ricky Riley, Bill Peters, and Chris Mc Loone of Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine


Training Minutes: Self-Application of Tourniquet

In this new Training Minutes video, Mike McEvoy demonstrates how injured first responders can put a tourniquet on themselves.


The Pain of Opioid Responses

Responses to opioid emergencies are far from routine. Tom Miller offers some thoughts about responses to these increasingly complex incidents.


Getting the Most Out of Acquired Structure Live Burns

Conducting live fire training in an acquired structure is without question one of the most resource-intensive training exercises a department can undertake, but the benefits of such drills are substantial. Brian Mutzabaugh looks at some of the issues instructors may face when it comes to setting up these evolutions.


The Search Reformation

The fire service and organizations should be committed in all avenues to execute searches when searchability allows, says Dustin Martinez in a preview of his upcoming FDIC International 2019 class.


Fire Department Culture Disconnect: The Data and the Truth

How can there be a discrepancy between how a fire chief thinks his department is doing vs. what the line firefighters think is going on? Dane Carley focuses on cultural cognitive dissonance within fire service organizations.


Humpday Hangout: Fighting Fires in McMansions

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the panel will talk about fighting fire in very large modern suburban homes.


Mayday, Suffolk (VA) Firefighters Injured in Collapse

A Mayday was declared on the fireground after a Suffolk (VA) firefighter became trapped in a wall collapse at a dwelling fire.


Engine Company EMS: Responding to Seizures

“Although a call for a seizure is common, our findings on arrival are anything but,” writes Michael Morse.


Training Minutes: Truss Roof Building Rehab

In this new Training Minutes video, Paul Dansbach discusses the life cycle of a building and revisits a structure from a previous season of Training Minutes to show how a deteriorating building can be rehabilitated.


Truck Company Ops: Elevator Rescue

“No matter what type of department you may work with or for, there may be the possibility of an elevator present within your response area,” writes Mark van der Feyst.


Standpipes 101, Part 4: A Beginner’s Guide to Standpipe Firefighting

Clay Magee finishes up his overview of standpipe operations with a look at the pump operator’s role.


We Need an Incident Safety Officer More Today Than Ever Before

The role of safety officer has grown in importance in recent years as our information base relative to the health and safety risks today’s firefighters face has increased. Rich Marinucci offers a preview of the FDSOA two-day ISO Academy at FDIC International.


Humpday Hangout: FDIC International 2019 Preview

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, the panel will discuss the “must do” items at FDIC International 2019, preview their classroom and HOT sessions, and chat with other ISFSI members teaching at The Big Show.


Training Minutes: Rabbit Tool for Forcible Entry

In this new Training Minutes video, Mike Ciampo reviews some tricks of the trade for using the rabbit tool for forcible entry.


Mayday Monday: Are You Good or Lucky?

For this month’s alert, Tony Carroll emphasizes roadway safety for firefighters.


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