Maricopa Region 911 Chooses Intrado to Upgrade Communications Centers

Intrado Inc., a subsidiary of West Corporation and a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions, today announced the upgrade of call-handling equipment for 41 emergency call taking positions in four separate public safety answering points (PSAP)s for Maricopa Region 911 (Maricopa) in Arizona.

An Intrado customer for the past seven years, Maricopa will replace the current analog call-handling system with the latest Intrado VIPER®, Power 911® and Power MIS® IP call-handling solutions. This new call-processing system provides Maricopa County with greater control and flexibility for all types of calls and is the next step in setting the foundation for an IP-based, i3-ready platform.

Maricopa will benefit from VIPER’s modular architecture, which allows components to be distributed for maximum efficiency. Individual call takers will have improved control of call display with Intrado Power 911, VIPER’s graphical user interface (GUI). Power 911 gives call takers the ability to choose and change on-screen layouts, color schemes, line and trunk appearances and other characteristics based on their individual preferences.

Further, with Intrado Power MIS, Maricopa PSAP directors, managers and shift supervisors will now have advanced reporting and analytical tools for a comprehensive view of PSAP call-handling activity and greater insight into personnel performance.


  • Maricopa Region 911 supports 26 total PSAPs including the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Phoenix Police Department and the Phoenix Fire Department
  • The 26 Maricopa PSAPs are responsible for the safety and protection of 3.9 million citizens across 9,200 square miles.
  • The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is the nation’s third largest sheriff’s office with a staff of 3,400 employees and sworn officers.
  • Intrado VIPER is the proven call-processing solution deployed in more than 1,300 PSAPs and over 7,500 positions.

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