Martin Forty Years a Fire-Fighter

Martin Forty Years a Fire-Fighter

Assistant Chief Martin Directing Operation at a Big New York Fire

Forty years as a fire-fighter! That is the record of “Smoky Joe” Martin, assistant chief of the New York Cityfire department, he having joined its forces on January 18, 1884. His many friends, both inside of the fire department and out, saw to it that the event was properly celebrated on January 18. All of the evening of that day his home, at No. 346 East Fifteenth Street, Manhattan Borough, was crowded with friends and well wishers, who had come to wish him many more years of successful fire-fighting. At the beginning of the celebration, preceded by members of the New York Fire Department Glee Club and a quartette of male voices, Chief Martin was escorted into the parlor of his home and for over an hour, up to supper time, he was kept busy shaking hands, answering congratulations and going over with comrades numberless hard fights he had had with them against their common enemy. At the supper there were several congratulatory addresses byprominent members of the fire department and others. The evening concluded with dancing.

Chief Martin fittingly began his celebration in the early morning by fighting a stubborn fire in a six-story apartment house in the Bronx Borough. During the day the chief was kept busy by many members of the department and others who dropped into his office with their felicitations and in the evening came the principal event of the day.

Chief Martin in referring to his long service, said: “Fortyyears gone like a puff of smoke! I can scarcely realize how long it’s been. Horses have gone. 1 pulled in the last alarm horses ever answered. But 1 won’t forget how they looked, three abreast, charging down the street.”

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