Maryland Firemen Ask New Laws

Maryland Firemen Ask New Laws

The Executive Committee of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association met in Annapolis January 17. Several proposed fire laws were discussed. The meeting was followed by a dinner at the Carvel Hall Hotel.

A Board of Trustees report suggested that the present system of paying destitute volunteers $120 yearly be discontinued.

The creation of a Department of Public Safety was urged. This department would consist of Building Construction and Fire Prevention and would have a Fire Marshal who would replace the present Fire Marshal system of the State Insurance Commissioner.

J. Lloyd Hopkins, Assistant Annapolis Fire Chief, introduced a proposed bill for the regulation of school busses. The bill includes rules tor painting all school busses golden orange; lettering the words School Bus on all such busses, and required the words to be covered when the bus is used for other purposes. The busses would also have to have an emergency exit in the rear. Each bus would have to carry a carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher.

A measure exempting fire apparatus from the one per cent titling tax will also be brought before the state legislature. Another bill would give insurance to firemen injured while at drills, or while on any type of call. It was revealed by one member present that some insurance companies will issue policies to volunteers, with a fire-lighting provision in the policy.

The death of Prof. Robert Criswell was discussed at some length. His advanced fire course was in a state of preparation at the time of his death. The difficulty of replacing a man of Prof. Criswell’s caliber was commented upon.

At the conclusion of the meeting a dinner was held at the Carvel Hall Hotel. Several state senators and members of the House of Delegates attended the dinner. The convention of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association will be held at Ocean City in July.

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