Maryland Hose Standard Bill Vetoed

Maryland Hose Standard Bill Vetoed

Although House Bill No. 274 in reference to the standardization of hose threads in Maryland to conform with the specifications of the National standard thread had passed the house, the measure was vetoed by the governor. In a previous issue, FIRE ENGINEERING reported the passing of this bill but since then the legislation was disapproved by the governor.

The bill which was vetoed reads as follows:

“It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation or association to sell or offer for sale in the State of Maryland any fire hose, hydrants, fire engine or other equipment for fire protection purposes unless the same shall be fitted and equipped with the Standard Thread for fire hose couplings and hydrant fittings designated as the National Standard, which is seven and one-half threads per inch, as the same has been adopted by the National Board of Fire Underwriters and is hereby designated as the standard for such equipment in the State of Maryland.”

College Park, Ind., to Form Department—A volunteer fire department will be organized in College Park, Ind. Apparatus has already been purchased and a house will be erected to house the equipment.

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