Maryland Van Designed For Hazardous Incidents

Maryland Van Designed For Hazardous Incidents


A van-type truck designed for response to hazardous materials incidents has recently been placed in service by the Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal. The vehicle is available on request to help fire and police depart ments throughout Maryland.

Funds for the truck were provided by the transportation safety division of the Maryland Department of Transportation through a $25,000 federal highway safety grant.

The truck contains a variety of special equipment for incidents involving explosive, flammable, toxic or corrosive materials. Some of the equipment in eludes breathing apparatus, chemical-resistive suits and acid suits, various test kits and gas indicators, assorted tools and stop-leak kits along with explosive handling devices.

Also on the truck is a hazardous materials and explosives library. Communication equipment includes a radio on the fire department mutual aid highband frequency, a police radio with the eight state police mobile frequencies and a mobile telephone.

The truck will be housed in Hartford County because the northern corridor of the state has been tentatively identified as having the greatest concentration of truck and rail traffic in Maryland.

According to State Fire Marshal James C. Robertson, “Planning is now being conducted in an effort to expand our capability to provide specialized assistance in hazardous materials transportation incidents.”

Maryland State Police photo

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