Mass. Fire Chiefs and Police Chiefs Meet

Mass. Fire Chiefs and Police Chiefs Meet

Closer co-operation between police and fire departments was the keynote of a joint meeting and dinner held at the American House on Hanover Street, Boston, Mass., by the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Police Chiefs’ Association on December 17.

Among the speakers were Superintendent Michael H. Crowley, of the Boston Police Department; Chief Patrick J. Hurley, of Holyoke, vice-president of the fire chiefs’ club; Chief George L. Johnson, of Waltham, and Deputy Police Superintendent Goode, of Boston.

Traffic congestion, the menace of parked automobiles, and the civil service regulations affecting veterans were among the topics discussed. The meeting was attended by several hundred police and fire chiefs. There was an address by Atty. Parker, of the Massachusetts Civil Service League, on proposed changes in the civil service laws.

Memorial resolutions were adopted on the deaths of Chief John O. Taber, of the Boston fire department, and Police Chief Kingsly.

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