Mass. Fire Chiefs’ Club Guests of Mansfield

Mass. Fire Chiefs’ Club Guests of Mansfield

Chief William F. Daley, president of the Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ has accepted the invitation of the town of Mansfield, Mass., to the members of the club to be the guests of the town on the occasion of the celebration of its 150th anniversary on Wednesday, August 26, which is to be known as “Firemen’s Day.” The celebration takes place during the week of August 23 to 26. On August 26 there will be firemen’s parades, sports, games, etc., with appropriate music and entertainment for visiting firemen. The club is to be the special guest of Chief Herbert E. King and the citizens of Mansfield.

Yakima, Wash., Considering Land Purchase—The city officials of Yakima, Wash., are considering the purchase of additional land above the intake of the proposed new water system in order to insure against a possible contamination of the city’s future water supply.

Paris Conducts Bacteria Tests—A bottle containing chloride of lime and tightly corked was lowered into a vessel of impure water by some Parisian scientists. After a twentyfour hour period the tests showed about twenty-five per cent of the microbes were killed. The conclusions drawn from these tests were that antiseptic rays similar in action to that of the ultra-violet rays were given off by the chloride of lime.

Middletown, Md., to Double Supply—Two new springs with a combined water flow of 100,000 gallons a day have been added to the water supply of Middletown, Md. Further plans are being formulated for the acquisition of additional springs which will supply 66,000 gallons of water a day thus bringing the total to 166,000 gallons. A pipe line will be connected to the new springs so that the water will flow by gravity to the reservoir. The present available water supply without the new springs is 170,000 gallons.

Complete Personnel and Apparatus of the Augusta, Ga., Fire Department Taken in Front of Fire Headquarters. Chief Kennedy Stands in Line with the First Entrance to the Left of the Building.

Photo by J. A. Sargeant, Columbia, S. C.

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