Massachusetts Chiefs to Have Special Train

Massachusetts Chiefs to Have Special Train

A special train is being arranged to transport the members of the Fire Chiefs Club of Massachusetts to the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers at New Orleans, by George F. Cobb, traffic manager of the club.

The train will consist of four sleepers, dining car, and club car, and it will leave the North Station in Boston on Saturday, October 16 at 2 p. m., standard time. The schedule of the time of departure of the special from other stations is as follows :

Leave Fitchburg 3.13 P. M., Standard Time.

Leave Gardner 3.44 P. M., Standard Time.

Leave Greenfield 4.44 P. M., Standard Time.

Leave North Adams 5.46 P. M., Standard Time.

Leave Troy, N. Y. 6.55 P. M., Standard Time.

Leave Albany, N. Y. 7.52 P. M., Standard Time.

Arriving at New Orleans, Monday, October 18, at 10 A. M.

Transfer to Roosevelt Hotel.

The expenses of the trip outside of the amount spent while at New Orleans may be divided as follows—fare from Boston, round trip, $83.21; Pullman, meals and tips, round trip, $55; hotel room, $4.00 and $4.50 a day.

The Chamber of Commerce of Baton Rouge, La., has extended an invitation to the club members to stop off there when on the return trip. No decision has been made and lull details will be announced aboard the train.

Attention of the members of the International Association of Fire Engineers is called to the fact that railroad fares to the convention at New Orleans will this year be arranged on what is known as the round trip identification plan basis fare and one-half for the round trip which will be paid at the time ticket is purchased, instead of buying a ticket one way and then buying a return ticket at the convention city at half rate as has been done in previous years.

A certificate will be mailed to each member by the secretary and ibis certificate must be presented to the ticket agent where ticket is purchased and signed by the person presenting the certificate in pen and ink in the space provided for that purpose. One certificate will cover a member and his family. If any more certificates are required or anyone going to the convention does not receive a certificate from the secretary, they may be obtained by writing to George F. Cobb, traffic manager, 774 Albany Street, Boston.

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