Massachusetts Chiefs Visit New Bedford

Massachusetts Chiefs Visit New Bedford

Members of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts had an enjoyable outing at New Bedford on Wednesday, April 21. A large Mack motor bus left Copley Square, Boston, at 9:30 a. m., carrying many of the chiefs while others went over the road in their own cars. Upon arriving in New Bedford the party assembled at the Fire Headquarters Building where Chief Edward F. Dahill was on hand to extend a cordial welcome.

Luncheon was served at the Hotel New Bedford and was attended by ninety-five persons. Mayor Edward Hathaway extended the greetings of the municipality and paid a high tribute to Chief Dahill Chief William F. Daley, of Brockton, president of the club, in replying to the mayor declared that Dahill is respected and loved by all and is a man whose opinions are highly valued in fire fighting matters. “New Bedford is indeed fortunate in having a man of Chief Dahill’s calibre as head of its fire department” said Chief Daley.

Announcement was made of the election of Chief Ralph H. White, of Auburn, and Chief Arthur Belmore, of Webster, as active members of the club and of P. E. Charnock, of the New England Insurance Exchange, as an associate member. The death was reported of Ex-Chief George H. Wilfert, ot Revere, who passed away on April 15.

At 3 o’clock a demonstration of the use of Amdyco foam for putting out oil fires was held in a field at the Oesting Farm off Kempton Street. A pit filled with 20 barrels of gasoline, kerosene, and fuel oil was ignited and allowed to blaze for some minutes before the foam stream was applied. A line of 500 feet of cotton rubber lined 2 1/2 inch hose had been laid from a post hydrant to the Amdyco continuous foam generator from which 100 feet of hose led to a nozzle with 1 1/4 inch outlet The pressure at the hydrant was 40 pounds. The fire was

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New Bedford, Mass., Fire Headquarters.Amdyco Foam Stream in Action, in Test in Which 20 Barrels of Gasoline, Kerosene and Fuel Oil Ablaze was Extinguished in a Little Over Four Minutes. Lower, Group of the Fire Chiefs’ Party,L. to R., Chief Geo. L. Johnson, Waltham; Chief James M. Casey, Cambridge; Chief Charles L. McCarthy, Worcester; Chief William F. Daley, Brockton, President of Club, Center, with Two Daughters of Chief Sennott; William A. Tighe, in Rear; Chief Daniel F. Sennott, Boston; Aide to Chief Sennott, and Superintendent Henry Thompson, Boston Protective Department.

Massachusetts Chiefs Visit New Bedford

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was pounds. The fire was raging fiercely and a big wind was blowing at the time when the strum of foam was directed upon the blaze. In a little over four minutes the fire was completely extinguished. The demonstration was held under direction of Master Mechanic James H. Downey Captain Edward A. Pollock, and members of Hose company No. 2, of the New Bedford Fire Department The Amdyco orporation was represented by A. C. Whiting of the Boston office of the firm. The weather was clear and mild and the demonstration was witnessed by a great many spectators besides the chiefs and city officials.

Among the large number attending the outing and exhibition were:

Chief Patrick J. Hurley, of Holyoke; Chief Daniel F. Sennott, o’ Boston; Ex-Chief Peter E. Walsh, of Boston; Chief George L. Johnson, of Waltham; Chief James H. Smith, of Nashua, N. H.; Chief Fred A. Clark, of Attleboro; Chief James M. Casey, of Cambridge; Ex-Chief A. Howard Fiske, of Framingham : Chief Charles H. French, of Manchester, N. H.; Chief W. H. Hill, of Belmont: Chiet P. E. Ham, of Everett; Supt. Henry Thompson, of the Boston Protective Department; Chief John T. Nichols, of Malden: Chief Charles L. McCarthy, of Worcester: Chief William H. Daggett. of Springfield; Chief H. J. Hyatt, of Fitchburg; Chief H. C. Kimball, of Salem; Chief James Warnock, of Swampscott; Chief E R. Seaverns, of North Scituate : Chief W. H. Mahoney, of Peabody; Chief Howard Upham, of Needham: Ex-Chief Jesse Barrett, of Peabody; Chief Frank J. Tracey, of Woburn: Chief W. J. Erennock, of Cohasset; Ex-Chief Jaquith. of Randolph: Chief Edward Saunders, of Lowell; Chief A. H. Hiller, of Plymouth; Chief R. D. Wells, of Falmouth; Chief Fred A. Leonard, of Taunton: C. N. Sylvester, of the White Company; Justin McCarthy, of the Henry K. Barnes Co.; A. D. Wheeler, of the Gamewell Co.: T. G. Toomey, of New Bedford; Deputy Chief J. J. Donaghy, of New Bedford: W. H. Lewis, of Worcester: K. G. Moulton, of the Ahrens-Fox Co,; and J. M. Hardy, of Boston.

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