Massachusetts Fire Chiefs Meet

Massachusetts Fire Chiefs Meet

The November meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts was held in the Hotel Statler, Boston, on Wednesday, November 18, and was preceded by the customary luncheon.

Seated at the head table were Chief Frank E. Tracy, of Woburn, President; Ex-Chief R. Burt Jaquith, of Randolph, Secretary; Chief Charles H. French, Manchester, N. H.; Chief John W. O’Hearn, Watertown, Secretary of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs; Percy Charnock, of the New England Insurance Exchange; Ex-Chief Reuben D. Weeks, of Providence, R. I.; George F. Cobb, Traffic Manager, N. F. A. F. C.; William A. L. Bazeley, State Commissioner of Conservation; Chief Selden R. Allen, of Brookline, 2nd Vice-President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; Robert Many, of the Fabric Fire Hose Company; and the Rev, Norris Morton, Chaplain of the Rhode Island Fire Chiefs’ Club.

The principal speakers were Commissioner Bazeley and Mr, Charnock. Chief William F. Welch, of Lynn, and Chief Harold G. Dunlap, of Tyngsboro, were elected members of the club and the Rev. Mr. Morton was elected an honorary member.

Massachusetts Fire Chiefs Meet


Massachusetts Fire Chiefs Meet

President Selden R. Allen. Chief of the Fire Department of Brookline, Mass., directed proceedings at the meeting of th Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts which was held on March 19 with the customary luncheon in the Parker House, Boston. .

The principal business was a discussion of the new fire prevention laws recommended by the special commission appointed by Governor Allen and the action of the State Fire Marshal’s office in opposing the changes favored by the commission and the chiefs.

Seated at the head table were Chief Allen, Chief Edward F. Dahill, of New Bedford; Ex-Chief John P. Doyle, of Wellesley; Supt. Peter E. Walsh, of the Boston Protective Department; Russell Codman, of the commission; Rep. Lukeweiler, of Newton: George F. Cobb, of Boston, Traffic Manager; and Ex-Chief Burt R. Jaquith, of Randolph, Secretary of the club.

The following new members were elected: Chief Samuel Dowst, of Marlboro; Chief Edwin L. Day, of Wilmington; Chief Milton C. Baggs, of Belchertown, and Fire Commissioner James F. O’Connor, of Everett.

A short talk was given by K. L. Estabrook, of Dayton, O.. describing and showing the new “Fire Cry automatic fire alarm warning bell for installation in residences and mercantile buildings.


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