Massachusetts Firemen Meet

Massachusetts Firemen Meet

Chief William H. Hawkins, of the Haverhill fire department, presided at the opening session of the 50th annual convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association.

Secretary Daniel J. Looney, of Boston, reported that the association now has a membership of 8,471 firemen. Edward J. Coveney, of Boston, commissioner of the $18,000 firemen’s relief fund, reported that during the past year the association has paid out $3,749,50 in injury benefits and $8,801.00 in benefits to children of firemen killed in performance of duty.

Addresses of welcome were delivered by Mayor Michael J. O’Hara, of Worcester, by Chief Charles L. McCarthy, of the Worcester fire department, and Carl K. Brownell, president of the hoard of aldermen. Lieut. Fred J. Dobbratz. of Boston, made the response in behalf of the association.

Michael J. McGonaglc reported for the legislative committee and said that during the past year twenty-seven hills relating to fire department matters had been introduced in the state legislature. He told of efforts being made to obtain protection for drivers of motor apparatus who are now liable for damage suits in case of accidents.

President Hawkins appointed Capt. Henrj Hilton, of Gloucester, and Lieut. F. J. Dobbratz and M. J. McGonaglc. of Boston, as a committee on credentials. Deputy Chief James S. Kaon told of attending the convention of the International Association of hire Chiefs in Philadelphia as a delegate from the association.

Massachusetts Firemen Meet

Massachusetts Firemen Meet

The Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association held their 48th annual convention in Salem, Mass., on September 13, 14, and 15.

Deputy Chief James S. Koen, of Salem, was elected president after Chief Howard C. Kimball, of Salem, had declined the nomination and had named his deputy chief to take his place.

The other officers chosen were as follows; Joseph J. King, of Lawrence, first vice-president; F. T. J. McNamara, of Swampscott, second vice-president; Daniel J. Looney, of Boston, secretary; M. Joseph Manning, of Milton, treasurer; and W. A. Adams, of Worcester, sergeant-at-arms.

Capt. Michael M. Turner, of Newton, was elected commissioner for the $18,000 Firemen’s Relief Fund and Capt. John H. Day, of Lynn, William F. McGrath, of Cambridge, and James H. Shea, of Springfield, were elected as members of the board of directors.

The convention opened on Tuesday, the 13th in Now and Then Hall at Salem with Chief Jeremiah F. Sullivan, of Fall River, presiding. Prayer was offered by the Rev. Ralph A. Sherwood, of the First Baptist Church, of Salem; and the minister in a brief talk declared that firemen were the defenders of the city and that no vocation was more hazardous.

Addresses of welcome were delivered by Mayor George J. Bates, of Salem; J. Asbury Pitman, of the Chamber of Commerce; Chief Howard C. Kimball, and Deputy Chief Koen, of the Salem Fire Department. The response in behalf of the association was made by Chief William C. Mahoney, of Peabody. Secretary Looney stated that the total membership in good standing is 9,354.

Edward J. Coveney, of Boston, made the report for the Commissioners of the $18,000 Firemen’s Relief Fund and stated that $2,962 had been paid in injury benefits during the past year and $8.326 in children’s benefits.

Michael J. McGonagle, of Boston, reported for the legislative committee. He said that during the 1927 legislative session at the State House in Boston forty-two bills affecting the firemen of Massachusetts were introduced and disposed of and of these ten were passed and enacted into law.

Among the measures that passed were the following: a petition providing for publication by the Commissioner of Public Safety of laws relating to fires and fire departments: a bill placing city electricians and superintendents of police and fire signal systems in Gloucester under civil service; a bill placing the chief of the fire department in Chicopee under civil service; an act authorizing indemnity to policemen and firemen for loss of pay due to absence from duty because of injuries sustained in line of duty; an act permitting municipalities receiving aid in extinguishing fires to compensate other municipalities for rendering such aid or for damages received while rendering aid; and an act providing for the appointment of a fire commission in the city of Chicopee.

At the second day’s session of the convention the speakers were Charles P. Howard, Commissioner of Administration and Finance, representing Governor Fuller; Election Commissioner Frank Seiberlich, representing Mayor Nichols, of Boston; Mayor W. Harry Monks, of Fall River; Mayor Edward W. Quinn, of Cambridge; Ex-Mayor James M. Curley, of Boston; Theodore A. Glynn, former Fire Commissioner of Boston; and Edward E. Williamson, superintendent of maintenance of the Boston Fire Department. Ensign Floyd L. Keller and Major Fred Osborn, of the Salvation Army, spoke briefly, and after Secretary Looney read the roll of 24 firemen who died during the year, a memorial address was given by the Rev. Timothy J. Linehan, of St. James’ Church, Salem.

Others who spoke briefly at the convention were Chief William C. Mahoney, of Peabody; and the Rev. Chester F. Hoyt, of Beverly. Matters discussed at the closing session included a petition for a bill to protect the drivers of motor apparatus involved in accidents, a bill to protect the widows and orphans of firemen killed in performance of duty, a bill to provide for payment of a pension to the widows of firemen killed on duty; and for uniform civil service examinations throughout the state.

A baseball game was played between the fire department teams of Brockton and Salem and resulted in a victory for Brockton by the score of 7 to 3.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Association held a meeting at which Mrs. Charlotte Crocker, of Nahant, was elected president for the ensuing year.

The retiring president of the firemen’s association, Chief Sullivan, of Fall River, was presented with a handsome lamp.