Massachusetts Firemen’s Convention

Massachusetts Firemen’s Convention

The annual convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association this year will be held in Lynn, Mass., with sessions at the New Ocean House in Swampscott on September 22, 23, and 24.

Deputy Chief James S. Koen, of Salem, is President of the association; Daniel J. Looney, of Boston, is Secretary; and M. Joseph Manning, of Milton, is Treasurer.

The convention committee is composed of Captain John H. Day, of Lynn, Chairman; M. J. McGonagle, Boston; Chief William C. Mahoney, Peabody; and M. Joseph Manning, Milton.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary, of which Mrs. Flora C. Day is President, will also meet at the same time and this organization invites the wives and feminine relatives of all Massachusetts firemen to join.

Apparatus Delivered to Peoria, Ill.—New fire apparatus has been delivered to Peoria, Ill.

Gardner, Mass., to Buy Pumper—Gardner, Mass., has voted to purchase a pumper to be placed in the Central Fire Station.

Five Dead in Sanitarium Fire—Four patients and an orderly lost their lives when fire destroyed a cottage of a private sanitarium at Jamestown, R. I.

Chief C. J. Beatty Presents Report—According to the annual report of the Jamestown, N. Y., Fire Department, submitted by Chief C. J. Beatty, there were 451 fire alarms of which 181 were caused by fires within buildings and twenty-nine calls were false or unnecessary.

Medals Awarded Boston Firemen—Six members of the Boston Fire Department were presented with medals by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for leading twenty horses from the stable of the Sanitary Department during a recent fire.



The twenty-sixth annual convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s association will be held in the city hall, New Bedford, on September 27, 28, 29. The meeting will be called to order by the president. Chief Charles W. Crowe, of Gloucester, at 2:30 p. m. on September 27. The program is made up of papers on interesting topics of the day, in line with the work of the association, and the discussions on these will be full of instruction all round. The headquarters of the association will be at the Parker house. Secretary D. Arthur Burt, of Taunton, will give all information as to fars, hotel aV” commodation and jbe like,