Massachusetts Firemen to Meet at Salem

Massachusetts Firemen to Meet at Salem

The forty-eighth annual convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association is to be held at Salem, Mass., on September 13 to 15, with headquarters at the Hawthorne Hotel.

The first session will be called to order by President Jeremiah F. Sullivan at 2:30 p. m., on Tuesday, September 13, at Now and Then Hall.

The convention committee of the association, with the active cooperation of Chief Howard C. Kimball, of the Salem Fire Department, and his local committees, is now actively engaged, according to Secretary Daniel J. Looney, in the preparation of an unusually instructive and interesting program, which will include very enjoyable entertainment for the ladies who attend.

An earnest effort is being made, Mr. Looney writes, to secure the very best speakers available for the various subjects of interest to firemen.

The association now has a membership of 8,300, and its aims are to promote social intercourse, mutual assistance, cooperation, protection and improvements in conditions for the firemen of the commonwealth, The association now has about 32 children whose fathers died in the fire service to whom the association is paying a benefit of $2 per week from the reserve fund. The association is also giving assistance in other ways.

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