Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association Meets

Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association Meets

The Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association held its forty-first convention at Taunton, Mass., on September 22 to 24, the meeting place being Odd Fellows Hall. The presiding officer was President W. E. Cade, chief of the Wakefield, Mass., fire department.

On the first day, Wednesday, the convention opened with an address of welcome by Mayor Coughlin, who was followed by Chief F. A. Leonard of Taunton. The response was by President Cade. The report of the treasurer, which was read in his absence through sickness, informed the association that there was a balance of $27,000 in the treasury. The acting secretary reported that the membership of the association had increased one hundred per cent during the year. He also reported that the association takes care of thirty-two orphan children of firemen.

On Thursday the association was addressed by John S. Caldwell, J. J. Riley and D. A. Dooley of Boston. The association also listened to an address in memory of their late secretary, D. Arthur Burt, who passed away August 8, 1920. In the evening a memorial service was held, the principal address being given by C. C. Cairn of Taunton city council.

On Friday, the principal business was the election of offcers, the nominating committee consisting of D. LeClair of Boston, Capt. M. F. Turner of Newton, Supt. Geo. E. Thompson of the Boston Protective Department, Chief Joseph Bowers of Fall River, Capt. W. A. Adams of Worcester and Harry Hilton of Gloucester. The following ticked was presented to the meeting: Chief Fred A. Leonard of Tauton, president ; Harry Hilton of Gloucester, first vice president; A. F. Young of Newburyport, second vice president; Daniel J. Looney of Boston, secretary ; H. R. Williamson of Worcester, treasurer.

These gentlemen were unanimously elected with the exception of the secretary.

Chief John F. Doyle of Wellesley, Mass., was nominated by Chief George L. Johnson of Waltham for the office and J. A. S. Drinkwater of Cambridge was also nominated for that office. The latter, however, withdrew before the vote took place and the result between the other two candidates was Daniel J. Looney 291 and Chief Doyle 88. The chair therefore announced that Mr. Looney was elected as secretary of the association. There were two directors elected, Captain W. F. Thomas of Worcester, and James O’Grady of Holyoke being re-elected. E. J. Coveney of Boston was reelected commissioner of the State Firemen’s Relief Fund. At this session it was decided that the salary of the treasurer be increased from $400 to $600, making it equal to that of the secretary. Another important action was the abolishment of company membership, the association deciding that only individual firemen are now to become members.

The entertainment furnished by the Taunton department was very enjoyable and included smokers for the men, entertainments for the ladies, and other features. Another part of the entertainment was a clambake at the Lovering Playground, at which Chief Leonard was toast master, and the association was addressed by Speaker Warner of the Massachusetts legislature, County Commissioner Warner, State Senator Carey, Mayor Coughlin, Chief D. E. Walsh of Boston and A. D. LeClair, ex-president of the Russell Club.

On Friday after the convention had adjourned the Taunton fire department gave an exhibition in the park.

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