Massachusetts State Firemen’s Convention

Massachusetts State Firemen’s Convention

The 47th annual convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association will be held in Fall River, Mass., on September 14, 15 and 16.

Chief Homer R. Marchant, of Gloucester, president of the association, will call the first session to order in Elks Hall at 2:30 p. m. on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

An interesting and attractive program has been arranged by the convention committee, board of directors, and Chief Jeremiah F. Sullivan, of the Fall River Fire Department, who will act as host to the visiting delegates.

Addresses of welcome will be delivered by Mayor F. P. Talbot, Chief Sullivan, Timothy F. Shea, president of the board of aldermen and former alderman Frank Riley, of Fall River. Then there will be responses and the reading of annual reports.

On Wednesday there will be addresses by Charles O. Bailey, secretary of the state department of conservation; Ex-Mayor James M. Curley, of Boston; Thomas I’. Sullivan, Boston transit commissioner; Timothy C. Murphy, assistant state fire marshal; Theodore A. Glynn, ex-fire commissioner of Boston; Mayor Edward W. Quinn, of Cambridge; Col. W. A. McIntyre, of the Salvation Army; and by Mrs. Mary 15. Jones, president of the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the State Firemen’s Association. The session on this day will close with memorial address and prayer.

On Thursday there will be the closing session with the election of officers. On Wednesday morning there will be a baseball game between the fire department teams of Medford and Fall River.

The officers of the association are as follows: President, Chief Homer R. Marchant, Gloucester; 1st vice-president, Joseph J. King, of Lawrence; 2nd vice-president, Chief W. H. Hill, of Belmont: secretary, Daniel J. Looney, of Boston; and treasurer, M. Joseph Manning, of Milton.

Mesa, Ariz., Has Active Fire Department Mesa, Ariz., has a progressive fire department as the photograph of the men in front of their fire station shows. They have recently installed a Gamewell fire alarm system consisting of twenty-five alarm boxes. The central office apparatus consists of a 2-circuit storage battery board, one register, one take-up reel, two 10-inch turtle gong, one test clock, one transmitter, one 60-inch 4-shelf battery rack and other equipment. A type B Diaphone unit is used as the public alarm. When a box is pulled, the signal is automatically sounded on the Diaphone.

South Dakota Allots Firemen’s Fund—The state insurance department of South Dakota will distribute $56,385 to the various fire companies in the state as their share of the insurance tax provided in accordance with the state law.

Ex-Service Men Appointed as San Francisco Firemen— The fire commissioners of San Francisco. Cal., have appointed twenty-seven ex-service men to the position of hosemen from the eligible civil service list. In accordance with a recent ruling of the Supreme Court, ex-service men must be favored in making appointments, and all of the twenty-seven ex-soldiers on the list have been appointed.

Massachusetts State Firemen’s Convention


Massachusetts State Firemen’s Convention

At the 45th annual convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association, held in Brockton. Mass., September 16, 17 and 18, Chief William C. Mahoney, of the Peabody Fire Department, was elected president of the association after Chief William F. Daley, of Brockton, had declined to accept the honor. Chief Mahoney, who was first vicepresident, succeeds Chief F. J. Morris, of Lawrence, as head of the association. Other officers were chosen as follows: Capt. Fred M. Gibson, of Lawrence, first vice-president; Chief William Hill, of Belmont, second vice-president; Daniel J. Looney, of Boston, secretary, and Joseph Manning of Milton, treasurer.

There was a large attendance of firemen at the convention. The address of welcome was delivered in Eagle hall by Mayor William A. Bullivant, who praised the efficiency of the Brockton fire department under leadership of Chief Daley. Among the speakers were Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn, of Boston; Representative Charles H. Antiis, of Lynn; William H. O’Brien, of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities; Fire Commissioner Marshall, of Lawrence; Representative Ezra Clark, of Brockton, and exMayor Frank A. Manning, of Brockton.

Chief F. J. Morris, of Lawrence, presided at the opening session. The delegates were asked to rise and stand in silence for a moment as a tribute of respect to the memory of Former Governor W. L. Douglass, of Brockton, whose death had just been reported. Announcement was made of plans to present a bill in the state legislature calling for a law which would allow the paying of an annuity to the widows of firemen killed, or firemen who died from injuries received in the performance of their duties. The proposed law will also call for the paying of a pension to the dependents of firemen who are pensioned for injuries received and who die as a result of these injuries.

William A. L. Bazeley, Commissioner of the State Department of Conservation, described methods of fighting forest and brush fires. Other speakers were Percy Bugbee, field secretary of the National Fire Protection Association; Ensign Floyd R. Keller, of the Salvation Army emergency service and coffee wagon, and Harry McNeilly, of Boston.

On the second day of the convention in spite of a drizzling rain a baseball game was played between teams representing the Brockton and Salem fire departments. Salem won by the score of 2 runs to 1. A smoke talk was held in the evening at which there were boxing bouts and other forms of entertainment.

Announcement was made by President Morris at the convention that the association now has 8,000 members and that during the past year $5,200 has been paid out for welfare and benefit work. Members of the ladies’ auxiliary were taken on a trip to historic Plymouth and also visited one of the large Brockton shoe factories.

Capt. John W. Williams, of the Lynn fire department, gave a working demonstration of the modern gas and smoke helmets, showing a device which caused the lungs to expand and contract when the victim is unable to use his faculties. Robert B. Miller, of Boston,explained emergency methods of life saving and resuscitation.

In the dry hose coupling contests Bridgewater was the winner in 16 seconds with Hanson second and New Bedford third. Hose 3, of Hanson, won the ladder contest in 9 3-5 seconds with New Bedford second and Middleboro third.

On the final day of the convention a parade was held through the principal streets of the city. The Brockton department made a fine appearance. Chief Daley had each company march behind its apparatus and stationed a man at each fire alarm box along the route of the parade who kept in telegraphic communication with fire alarm headquarters so that if necessary a company could be separated from the parade and despatched to a fire within a few seconds.

Besides about a score of pieces of apparatus from the Brockton fire department there was motor apparatus in line of march from 14 nearby towns, namely Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Whitman, Abington, Rockland, Stoughton, Holbrook, Avon, Middleboro, Hanson, Easton, Halifax, Randolph and Hanover.

A jubilee party was held on the night of Sept. 18 at the Walk-Over Club in Campello, which was largely attended. Mayor James M. Curley, of Boston, and Congressman Louis A. Frothingham were among the speakers listed to appear at the final session.