In Case You Missed It: May 2016 Fire Engineering Features

Check out a few of the articles you may have missed on the FE site in May 2016, including the debut of Brock Archer’s video series on extrication, a line-of-duty death review from Joe Pronesti, and more.

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Brock Archer’s Extrication Minutes: Seat Belt Pretensioner

In this extrication tip video, Brock Archer of Advanced Extrication explains seat belt pretensioners and the risks that they present to rescuers.

Personal Rope: Lifeline to Safety

Firefighters assigned to both engine and truck companies will benefit from the many advantages of having a length of personal rope that they can quickly and safely deploy during operations, writes David DeStefano.

Throw Back to Basics: Fireground Rehab

Although many might stick their nose in the air or say, “We don’t need rehab,” the fact is that rehab should be as routine as pulling a hoseline, writes Brian Zaitz.

Fire Photographer Profile: Trevor James

Trevor James has been capturing images of firefighters working in various locations in Maryland and beyond. He took the time to give Fire Engineering some insight into his approach to taking fire scene photos.

Humpday Hangout: Focus on Firefighter Health and Safety

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, hosts Frank Ricci and P.J. Norwood talk to guest Gavin Horn about the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Research Center’s work on “Cardiovascular and Carcinogen Risks in Modern Firefighting.”

Advanced Extrication: Tesla Model X

In this new video for firefighters and first responders, Brock Archer of Advanced Extrication and Denver (CO) Assistant Fire Chief Randall Wells take a closer look at the Tesla Model X.

May Their Sacrifices Not Be in Vain: Buffalo (NY) LODDs Case Study

Joe Pronesti reviews the deaths of Buffalo (NY) Fire Department Lieutenant Charles “Chip” McCarthy and Firefighter Jonathan Croom on August 24, 2009.

Training Minutes: Slide Bolt Forcible Entry

In this new Training Minutes video, Mike Ciampo and company share some tips on taking out slide bolts using both power and hand tools.

Extrication Tip Tuesday: Air Bag Capabilities

In this week’s extrication video tip, Brock Archer discusses calculating the lifting capabilities of your air bags.

The Universal Laws of the Job

Charles Angione offers 60 truths he’s experienced over his lengthy fire service career that, if considered, can aid in the growth and development of any young firefighter.   

Extrication Training On An Island

Chief Paul J. Conway and fellow firefighters banded together to provide free hands-on extrication training to the small island Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

Drills You Won’t Find in the Books: The Steel-Toe Boot Drill

What’s the most effective way of extricating a patient whose foot is trapped in a crushed steel-toe boot? A new drill from Raul Angulo may help you find the answer.

Firefighters Support Foundation Offers Training Programs on Confined Space Rescue, Firefighter Bailout

The Firefighters Support Foundation recently released a pair of free training programs, one on firefighter bailout techniques, the other on confined space rescue.

Throw Back to Basics: Chain Saw Check

Brian Zaitz looks at this essential tool that assists with various fire service operations.

Video: Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Crews Respond to Ammonia Leak

Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue crews responded to a recent hazmat incident involving an ammonia leak in the city of Opa-Locka.

The Battalion TV: The FDIC Experience – Opening Ceremony

In this new episode of “The Battalion TV,” the Snyder (NY) firefighters at FDIC International 2016 attend the Opening Ceremony.

The Fire Officer’s Guide to the Tough Community Questions, Part 8

Is our department properly budgeting the salary of our shift personnel? Mark Wallace looks at another tough question fire officers might face from the community.

The Evolution of SCBA and Training Innovations

The fire service has been adapted over time with innovations like self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Jordan Ponder says you can bring innovation to your department in the form of advanced physical fitness training.

Humpday Hangout: What Does Brotherhood Mean to You?

Terry McGrath, Rick Lasky, and their guests discuss brotherhood in the fire industry.

Extrication Tip Tuesday: Suspension Lock Down

In this new extrication video tip, Brock Archer and company demonstrate locking down the suspension of a vehicle when lifting any object off the front end is required.

Training Minutes: Crew Bailout

In this Training Minutes video on firefighter self-rescue situations, Frank Lipski and company demonstrate the bailout of multiple firefighters from a structure.

Construction Concerns: Access Stairways and Ladders

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at accessing mechanical areas often located on mezzanines, in attics or truss lofts, and on roofs.

Engine Company EMS: What Are We Going to Do Now?

The public and the media may not fully understanding our operations, but they will go with on-scene impressions, especially if a call goes south. Michael Morse discusses how to take into account the public perception of fire-based EMS operations.

It Is What It Is, But What Is It?

Unclear descriptions and instructions or conditions open to interpretation can contribute to counterproductive actions, unfavorable outcomes, and compromising firefighter safety, writes Eric G. Bachman.

VES: First-Floor Window Access

First-floor VES poses its own unique challenges. Donald Wedding of Traditions Training offers a drill on gaining access.

Green Bay (WI) Metro Fire Department Uses FLIR K-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras to Enhance Safety

The Green Bay Metro Fire Department selected the FLIR K50 thermal imaging camera to be included in several of its engine and ladder company trucks.

FDIC Countdown: Civility and Incivility

Bobby Halton shares two more of George Washington’s rules on social behavior, one having to do with practical matters, the other to deal with civil discussion.

How Do You Prepare Yourself for Duty?

Thomas N. Warren writes, It may not be apparent to you at the time, but proper preparation for your coming shift is actually preparation for a successful career.

Throw Back to Basics: Mirrored Command

Brian Zaitz discusses the concept of mirrored command, which is designed to build redundancy in command in the event of a firefighter Mayday.

Taking Responsibility for Department Integrity

Roger Lunt writes that we should take pride in the heritage of our service and remember that today we are a part of the heritage of tomorrow’s firefighters.

Humpday Hangout: What Did You Gain from FDIC International 2016?

Join Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the panel as they welcome guest Ray McCormack to this week’s hangout, which is sponsored by Key Hose.

The Battalion TV: The FDIC Experience – Arriving in Indianapolis

In this installment of The Battalion TV’s series, “The FDIC Experience,” the Snyder (NY) firefighters arrive at FDIC International 2016. After getting settled in and registered they get focused on classroom and hands-on training.

Training Minutes: Water Rescue Recon

In this new Training Minutes video, David Rhodes and company examine one of the more unique props at the Guardian Centers–the flood village–and share tips on flood water recon, boat choice, water contamination, navigating hazards in the water, and more.

Training Bulletin: Reading Smoke

Alex Langbell provides a review of the basics of reading smoke.

Roundtable: Cancer Prevention and Awareness in the Volunteer Fire Service

Join the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and an expert panel of guests for a roundtable discussion on cancer prevention and awareness in the volunteer fire service. The event will be live streamed from the NVFC spring meeting on Friday, May 6 from 3:30-4:30pm EDT.

Thermal Imaging: Easy to Use, Hard to Live Without

Like many fire departments In the USA, Clackamas Fire has depended on thermal imaging cameras (TICs) for well over a dozen years as a critical tool in helping protect lives and save property.

Throw Back to Basics: Stokes Basket

Stokes baskets provide a great tool for both technical rescue as well as movement of a patient on a rough terrain. Brian Zaitz on becoming proficient in stokes use and lashing of a victim into the basket.

Fitting In: Foreign Firefighters in the U.S. Fire Industry

In this commentary, Hsien-Yu (Alex) Chu describes some of the challenges foreign-born people may encounter when serving as firefighters in the United States.

Positive Public Perception in the Fire Service

Michael DeStefano offers some thoughts on how a fire department can cultivate positive public perception.

Humpday Hangout: How to Write a Successful FDIC International 2017 Proposal

As both FDIC International instructors and reviewers of proposals, Steve Pegram and Aaron Heller will give tips on not only how to write a successful proposal, but they will discuss what you can do personally and professionally to make your proposal rise to the top.

The Rescue Lab: Why Failures Occur With Monopods, Bipods, and Tripods

To properly set a tripod, bipod, or monopod, you must first understand that there are multiple forces at work. Mike Donahue on the some of the details that can compromise your operations.

Training Minutes: Attacking Hinges in Forcible Entry

In this Training Minutes video, Joe Alvarez discusses a method of forcible entry for attacking the hinges on commercial doors.

Human Resources: Another Fire Service Administrator’s Tool

An organization’s reputation is a reflection of the actions of its employees, and all public organizations are expected to have high ethical standards and the associated accountability, writes Robin R. Gainey.

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