Maine Firefighter Dies After Falling Ill

A 57-year-old Maine firefighter fell ill and died within one hour of responding to a medical emergency yesterday.

After responding to the call, Captain Peter Larlee of the East Millinocket Fire Department went into the fire department’s engine bay to fix a mud flap on an ambulance. Within two minutes of going into the bay and while on the bay floor, Larlee fell ill. Captain Larlee was treated by fellow first responders, but passed away at the scene from injuries sustained.

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Maine Firefighter Dies After Falling Ill


A 59-year-old Maine firefighter has died after falling ill while on duty.

At 1900hrs, several members of the Phippsburg (ME) Fire Department, including Firefighter David Bourget, gathered at the station in preparation to work a fireworks display standby detail. At 1940hrs, the fire department members started to leave the station to work the detail.

Firefighter Bourget was driving a tanker truck, but only got to the station’s driveway apron when he suddenly fell ill. Firefighter Bourget was treated by paramedics at the scene and transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The nature and cause of fatal injury is still to be reported.

He had 40 years of service.

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