Medals Presented to Philadelphia Firemen

Medals Presented to Philadelphia Firemen

Two gold medals and 12 certificates of commendation for bravery were awarded to Philadelphia firemen on November 3. The medals were awarded to Battalion Chief Joseph McQuade and Hoseman John Kurtz, of Engine 45. The certificates were awarded to Battalion Chiefs Ross B. Davis and Michael Walsh, Captains James Talbot and Harry Irwin, Lieutenant William Cowden, Engineer Walter Fields, Driver August Herman and Hoseman Charles Aellwanger, Gerald Batignan, John P. Graeff, William Gallap and James Sullivan.

The medals were beautifully embossed and were the gift of Daniel Baugh and A. J. Cameron. On the certificates were inscribed the names of those to whom the awards were made, and an explanation to the effect that they were in token of faithful and conscientious work while in the service of the department.

Director Porter, of the department of public safety, made the presentation. He congratulated the winners, and explained that these awards should serve as an incentive to all the members of the department and result in better and more efficient service.

The Niagara Hose Company, of Merchantville, N. Y., has sent out an appeal to residents for contributions toward the purchase of motor apparatus.

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