If you want a good garden hose or hydrant hose for other purposes, write the B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, Ohio, for samples and prices.

THE JOURNAL is in receipt of a very handsome pamphlet printed in blue and illustrated in silver and gold which has been issued by C. G. Braxmar, the well-known badge manufacturer at No. 36 Cortlandt street, this city, to advertise his statute of


a cut of which we present herewith. It has never been our pleasure to see a more elegant and artistic ornament than this statue, and we recommend our readers who are in need of anything of the kind to purchase one, as Mr. Braxmar suggests in the pamphlet referred to. It is a handsome ornament for a fire-house parlor—the home of a fireman, or at headquarters, an excellent article to ballot for at a fair or to raffle, and a very appropriate gift from an officer to his company or vice versa. We would call attention to Mr. Braxmar’s advertisement on another page, where the price and much other information can be learned, and we would certainly advise all to send for one of the new books, containing an embossed illustration of the statue and a portrait of the famous •* Braxmar,” which he mails free upon application.

An official trial of the Brooklyn fire boat was announced to take place on Thursday, June 3, the boat to leave from foot of Clark street at 1.30 p. M. sharp. The trial occurred too late for notice in this issue.

St. Johns, N. F., ordered a Bangor extension ladder some two months ago, and they have ordered another, which proves the fact that let a department once use a ” Bangor,” and whenever another extension ladder is required they do not hesitate to duplicate the order. These ladders are all made and only made by the Bangor Extension Ladder Company, at Bangor, Me.

The following is a sample letter received by Braxmar, the badgeman :

C. G. BRAXMAR, E«q. BOSTON, June 2, 18S6.

DEAR Sir—The badges duly received. The chief and entire department are much pleased. The workmanship is fine and reflects great credit on the skill to which you have attained in the manufacture of department badges. Inclosed please find check for same.

Tours, W. H. TURNER.

The Akron Rubber Works of Akron, O., are always building up a reputation for quality of goods furnished. They have now in the market, beyond any question, the best brands of hydrant hose. “ White Anchor” and “ Extra Warranted ” arc the brands and they will last. Good mater ial—the best in fact that money will buy—and good workmanship are put into them, and they give excellent satisfaction.

The new Silsby fire engine purchased by Leesbury, Fla., from the Silsby Manufacturing Company, Seneca Falls, N. Y., was tested last month to the satisfaction of the entire community. After the fire was started the engine raised steam in a remarkably short space of time, and threw a good stream through 100 feet of hose and an inch nozzle. Two lines of hose of 100 feet each were then laid and streams were thrown through two seven-eighth inch nozzles. Then three lines of hose were laid, and three streams played through five-eighth inch nozzles above all the neighboring buildings. The next test was made with two lines of 500 feet each of hose and threw two good streams, through seven-eighth inch nozzle, high above and over the Leesbury Hotel cupola. Then 1000 feet of hose was laid, and through a seven-eighth inch nozzle the engine threw a good stream of water 160 feet. Then a Siamese was inserted 950 feet from the engine and two streams were thrown over, around and above all buildings. The engine is what is known as a No. 5, with a capacity of 400 gallons to the minute. It is well built and durable and a model of neatness and beauty. The Mayor and councilmen were so well pleased with the test that the engine was accepted at once.

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