Galena and Pekin, Ill., have adopted the Gamewell fire alarm system.

The new Clapp & Jones steamer, for Company No. 6 of Paterson, N. J., will be delivered by the first of next month.

Parker Hose Company of Meriden, Conn., is to have a new Gleason & Bailey hook and ladder truck. It will be ready this month.

Rumsey & Company of Seneca Falls, N. Y., have just furnished the Winchester (Ky.) Department with a new hook and ladder outfit.

The Fabric Hose Company of New York have recently furnished Marietta, Ga.; Ida Grove, la.; San Marcos, Tex.; Bristol, Conn., and Kankakee, Ill., with new hose.

The new hook and ladder truck recently procured by the Franklin (Mass.) Fire Department, was built by the Gleason & Bailey Manufacturing Company of Seneca Falls.

Passaic, N. J., has just invested in a Bangor extension ladder. These ladders are now selling very rapidly, and departments thinking of adding to their equipments will do well to send for a descriptive circular to Joseph S. Smith, manager, at Bangor, Me.

At a meeting of the citizens of Haddenfield, N. J., recently to consider the organization of a fire department and the purchase of apparatus, sixteen persons were enrolled as members and $800 were subscribed toward the purchase of a $3000 Silsby engine. Haddenfield has

the right idea.

Cornelius Callahan, the Boston manufacturer of hydrant gates, flexible play-pipes, shut-off nozzles and other fire department supplies, has been forced to work seven days in the week, of late, to fill orders. During the past twenty-five days he sold twenty-seven of his patent hose pipes, and within two years 458 nozzles, now holding orders for sixteen more.

E. J. Mitchell, general agent ol the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company of Chicago, has closed the contract for a large stationary chemical engine and a number of small ones, to be placed in the new mills of I. P. Evans & Co. Beyond the question of good fire protection, the firm realizes considerable benefit in their premiums of insurance.—Indianapolis News.

The recent action of the Boston fire commissioners in adopting the Gamewell non-interference box adds another to the many improvements made in the fire alarm apparatus of that city, under the superintendency of Captain Brown S. Flanders. The non-interference boxes will be placed on what is perhaps the most important circuit in the city first, and will be added to the others as ordered by the Board of Fire Commissioners, the contract with the Gamewell Company requiring the latter to change all the boxes in the city, about 360 in number, in such quantities and at such time as it may please the board to .direct.



The two new Ahrens steamers for Minneapolis, Minn., arrived in that city on October 30.

The two No. 4 Silsby steamers, lately furnished New Iberia, La., were given a test on October 27 and evoked great enthusiasm among the townsfolk, who were delighted with their purchase.

The new No. 5 engine, sent a few weeks ago to Winchester, Ky., by the Silsby Manufacturing Company, was subjected to a severe practical test on the day after its arrival, at the burning of a furniture warehouse, and later, after a thorough and satisfactory formal test, was accepted by the city council.

New England departments in need of hose will do well, before ordering, to write toM. J. Ward, 21 Milk street, Boston. Mr. Ward some time ago succeeded to the business of the old house of James Boyd & Sons, and can furnish any make of hose on the market at lowest manufacturers prices. He also pays great attention to the repairing of hose.

Attention is called to the advertisement of the D. A. Woodhouse Manufacturing Company, manufacturers and agents for fire depariment supplies, of 57 Ann street. New York. Mr. Woodhouse, during a recent trip West, sold to the Pittsburgh Depariment one of the Siamese outfits recently illustrated in THE JOURNAL, and to the Chicago Department a quantity of general supplies for the new fire-boat Geyser.